Who Is Rooney Mara? The New Attempt of Icon The Film Fashion

Time appears a new actress that have to care and pampering so that it reaches the public in another way, with other packaging, which gift. Becomes the singers (Florence Welch) and passes with the actresses, who for a time seem to try harder to convince on the red carpet that on the big screen. Rooney Mara It is the latest in this crazy industry dynasty. One of the most outstanding lifestyle changes in recent years.

Rooney Mara, the girl who wanted to be an actress

As in all stories, the end is not as the home and to know this must turn back. Is Rooney Mara as dodgy as they are selling it? Is the new icon of modern woman? Not really. More than anything because any created icon continues to be a sale of smoke. The New York girl was a sweet girl and very ladylike style that it not desentonaba nor offered great novelty (error in an industry that seeks the sale by difference).

These images we see are from 2009, in which you can see is one young woman (by then aged 24) who wanted to be a star. Very Zooey Deschanel, Emily Browning very and other loving estela’s sweet candy and cavities.

2010, change of hairstyle, dye, but life goes on. Few developments in the front.

By the way, in 2010 already tasted the sweetness of success with the Social network although its role as Erica Albright It was timely, and not both recognition and this new, earned him clear.

Before closing this stage is best seen photography that illustrates its entry in Wikipedia. A feigned smile to what comes le up (which has decided to take herself, nor do we create that it was only the industry).

Rooney Mara, androgyny and the new icon of languid woman

The public transformation was evident at the beginning of 2011. It was there Rooney Mara, or rather the new Rooney Mara, best known for Lisbeth Salander, the character who plays in the movie Millennium: men who hate women, new adaptation of Stieg Larsson.

Lisbeth Salander It is the opposite to the character Rooney Mara had been created so far. Face cold and sour. Without any expression. With spectacular eyes that seem lost in the nothingness. A modern haircut in which the fringe is the prominence of form straight on the front and the dye acts which Chanel Apocalypse towards new trends: evil. Without any credibility. New woman. Farewell to the previous character’s fragile appearance. Lisbeth Salander is a modern superhero.

With posters so the industry ends of draw to the new Rooney Mara. Laugh you ladylike here.

Rooney Salander you have to start to rub shoulders with the tops of the market. It is to convince the public of the new creation. The tops sit in front rows of fashion weeks whose main interest is transferred from the catwalk to chairs in which we can guess who will be the protagonists of the next few months. Salander was there, with Anna Wintour and her antithesis Taylor Swift in a photo worthy of a treatise of modern sociology. The yin and the yang. Two targets, two sales to go to bed happy.

A knowing look at Diane von Furstenberg. Or an every man for himself. Immediate Oscar.

Hello, nice to meet you, Calvin. Do you like your dress I?

And the time of the Red Carpet: Hello Rooney Salander

The paper over the screen imports, but the red carpet deserves the same care thinking about certain public eager to see new icons that follow or praise. Also to those who criticize, of course. But that is not the intention of Rooney Salander, She stomps.

OK, still does not save the pose as I would have, but give it time. Already those shoulders will rise.

The idea is to no smile. It must not spoil the plan. The few snapshots that exist of her smiling contrasts with the hundreds that portray his coldness.

The concept is create it as a benchmark of style. This must be selected large dresses and large firms: Givenchy high seam, Prabal Gurung, Calvin Klein, Alberta Ferretti, Diane von Furstenberg, Rodarte, Miu Miu, Michael Kors, Dion Lee, Roksanda Ilincic…

Rooney Salander never ceases to be a sexual icon. A woman cold, sure of herself but with a sexual twist to appeal to men and women. The back to the air repeated (chance), dresses with minimum openings also, you have to show a minimum, hinting in a modern way. No long sleeves and if possible we withhold less legs.

We talk about safety and independence as values, but I cannot take off my damaged mind opposite feelings with Daniel Craig clothing it in each event with an overprotective that stance nor I will believe innocent already put to believe in conspiracies.

And so we spend our time. Watching grow to a converted artist to adapt to a specific time, converted into something that is not transmitting, Since the minimum before sweet woman still. Industry thanks for these times.