What Is Art Basel and Why Is Everyone in Miami at These Moments?

Last night reviewing my Instagram and everyone of my timeline (or almost everyone) was taking pictures in the Art Basel Miami. Why? Fair of modern and contemporary art in Miami is also held in Basel and in Hong Kong, but because Miami is becoming fashionable, now all over the world want to be there and not miss the fair. But has the fair to get it together to? people from the world of fashion?

To start, Revolve Clothing He held a party with the most important bloggers: there posed Sincerely Jules, Gala González, Tuula Vintage, We wore what and Song of Style. There were also events of some magazines and online stores. And so Coachella became the cradle of the I postureo night and day, now have, or simulate an interest in the art world is the most because Miami is the new destination for fashion.

So between gallery owners, collectors, Museum Directors and artists see pose to bloggers and editors of fashion as Giovanna Battaglia, with the curious coincidence that all has given them by posing next to it work of art made with neon lights.

So if the favorite entertainment of the bloggers so far was to find cool walls where taking photos, now more than most is look Palm along with works of art. That they are always cute and over get a veneer of culture in your account of Instagram. So that Miami is the new place to be, at least while lasts the fair.

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