University of Viña del Mar Review (21)

By | June 28, 2021

Course choice at the UVM

The UVM offers two programs, on the one hand there is the possibility to attend the courses in English or Spanish. For the program in Spanish, however, language level B2 is required as an admission requirement. In advance, MicroEDU will provide you with an overview and a brief description of the courses offered with credit information. This means that you can choose a course in advance and, if necessary, discuss it with your professors because of the recognition discuss the courses. At that time I had decided on the semester program in English, but I was able to attend a Spanish course “Communicational Spanish and Chilean Culture” twice a week to improve my Spanish skills. Above all, we were taught how to speak freely, how to give presentations in Spanish and how to conduct stimulating discussions in Spanish. Since I am studying social sciences in Germany, I was able to make a good selection of interesting courses at the UVM. My choice of course included “Effective Business Communication Skills”. In this course we were taught a lot about communication, presentation, introducing yourself as well as important tips for applications in the international working world with a focus on the business area. I got another interesting insight into the social movements in Latin America through the course “Latin American Social Movements”. Here we got an overview of the important social movements in Latin America and were able to discuss problems and different views. We also received useful tips for researching and developing a research paper. Additionally attended in the course “Negotiation Strategies”. In this course we watched and discussed original films about the problems and history of neoliberalism. The numerous courses offered by the UVM therefore offer an appropriate and productive choice of courses for almost every student.

La Vida Loca – Leisure activities in Chile

Chile is a beautiful and multi-faceted country that is amazingly easy to travel to. Thanks to the well-developed infrastructure, it is super easy and relatively inexpensive to travel to any part of the country with one of the bus providers “Turbus” or “Pullman”. Whether a short trip to the nearby capital Santiago, a visit to the driest desert in the world in the north or the Torres del Paine National Park, which is located at the foot of South America, everything is possible. Basically, there are no lectures on Friday at the UVM, which enables students to fully fill the extended weekend. If you don’t feel like going on a longer trip, the varied offerings around and in Viña are in good hands. There are beautiful beaches and parks that invite you to take a walk, surf or chill out. Right next to Viña del Mar is the beautiful artist town of Valparaíso, which always provides a nice change in its winding streets and the numerous cultural offers. Concón offers the best beaches for surfing and those who don’t dare to go into the water have the opportunity to surf down the large dunes on a sandboard. In Reñaca there are the best empanadas (filled dumplings) right on the beach and the numerous restaurants, bars and discos in Vina or Valparaíso offer an extensive nightlife. There are plenty of opportunities to visit the numerous clubs and bars in the area during the week and at the weekend. Every Thursday there was the opportunity to attend the “Saint-Jueves” event, which ensured a good party in the various clubs with free entry and cheap offers. One of the main meeting points for international students in particular is the “Café Journal” bar (right next to the Diego Portales campus), where you can sit together in a cozy atmosphere with international students and Chileans. A sufficient range of sports is also provided at the UVM. Students have the opportunity to take part in the sports activities of the UVM free of charge.

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In summary, I can say that I a great time at the Universidad Viña del Mar had. Chile left a lasting impression on me. I was able to gain a lot of new impressions and learn a lot from the locals. The different landscapes and the beautiful nature as well as the sea make Chile a fascinating country for me. The choice of course that I made fit in very well with my major, and the level of education can also keep up with international standards. In any case, I would advise you to bring some knowledge of Spanish with you beforehand, as most people only speak Spanish in everyday life. Attending a Spanish course at the UVM is also recommended in order to be able to cope with everyday situations more easily.

Many thanks to MicroEDU and the international coordinators of the UVM for excellent care and support!

University of Viña del Mar Review (21)