University of Essex Student Review

By | May 20, 2021


The smooth application process was particularly remarkable . I started my semester abroad at a very early stage and was accompanied at every single step by TOPSCHOOLSOFLAW. Before the start of the semester abroad, however, I would have liked a slightly better information policy from the University of Essex, as I was only allocated a dorm room a few weeks before the start of my studies. In the end, however, everything worked and I was more than happy with my room. Regarding the dormitories, the newly built dormitories Meadows, Quays and Copse are particularly recommended. The other dormitories are cheaper, but shouldn’t set too high standards. Basically, however, it must be emphasized that you can feel comfortable anywhere – the university and the students in Essex will make it very easy for you .

Campus life:

I particularly enjoyed the various societies and sports opportunities . In contrast to many German universities, great importance is attached to the community and sports clubs in the UK . Personally, I was an active player on the tennis team and so I traveled with my team through the south of England every Wednesday to play my games. In the evening, all athletes meet in the university’s own club to end the game day – a real highlight! I can also recommend the many restaurants and pubs on campus. In my three months at the University of Essex, I rarely went to the city of Colchester, but mostly met up with my new friends and teammates at the university. Like many other Abroad students, I found the university as a whole to be a large community. True to the motto: “One for all. All for one.”


At the university itself there is a large Abroad team that will be happy to help you with any questions or possible problems. Furthermore, the special relationship with the professors should be noted. Due to the different form of teaching than at many German universities, which will be explained in more detail later, you are in direct contact and exchange with the lecturers and professors . This enables you to speak directly to those responsible if you have technical or personal questions. I found this to be very pleasant and uncomplicated.


Due to the excellent reputation of the British university in the field of business , I focused on the economics areas of my studies during my time there.

In consultation with my home university, RWTH Aachen University, all four modules I chose corresponded to the academic requirements. I have chosen the following courses:

  • Social Entrepreneurship, Sustainability and Community Action
  • Business ethics
  • Consumer behavior
  • Navigating the Digital World

At the moment I have achieved a point average above 70 ( British grading system ).

Teaching methods:

In particular, the different teaching philosophy of the University of Essex compared to RWTH Aachen University had added value that broadened my horizons . While teaching in Aachen consists largely of frontal teaching in large lecture halls, in Colchester teaching is more likely in small groups . It was an interesting experience for me to experience this form of university teaching and to evaluate the advantages of the respective methods for me personally.


At the University of Essex, the proportion of foreign students is over 40 percent . In Aachen this is only 12 percent. This is clearly noticeable in everyday and academic life. I was thrilled by how much I was able to learn from people in the three months of my stay abroad. Never before had I had the experience of living, working and debating with so many people of different nationalities. Even after this very short time, I can say that this experience shaped me in particular. If I had already described myself as a cosmopolitan person with a free spirit before my stay, my personal horizons would have expanded again significantly. The experiences in Essex have strengthened my attitude towards internationality, exchange and cooperation even more. Friendships have formed, the intensity of which could hardly be expected after three months.


The combination of the high academic level and the opportunity to meet people from all over the world made my stay at the University of Essex a very special experience . I have matured from both a professional and a personal point of view and have learned a lot. I would like to have another experience abroad as part of my master’s degree.

University of Essex 3