University of California San Diego Student Review

By | May 3, 2021

Application process

I applied to the University of California at San Diego last year for the 2009 Winter Semester (January 7th – March 23rd). The application process went extremely smoothly. With the friendly support of TOP-ENGINEERING-SCHOOLS you are never alone and always have a reliable contact point who can be asked for advice with any problems (visa, tuition fees, studies, etc.).
In order to be accepted at UCSD for a semester abroad, you only need a minimum number of points in the Toefl test and briefly describe your motivation for the semester abroad in a letter of motivation (1 A4 page). After that, nothing stands in the way of the semester abroad in the sunny south of California.

During the semester you always have the opportunity to exchange ideas with those responsible for the “foreign students”. They always have an open ear and help you with the choice of your lectures or other organizational matters.


So I saw the semester abroad under the following aspect: sun, beach and sport! The university played a subordinate role for me. On the first day at the university, an attempt was made to explain to the students how stressful and time-consuming studying at UCSD is and that you have very little time for activities outside of the university. But anyone who has already studied in the German system quickly realizes that there is no comparison. After you have been told how much work you have to put into your studies, you fill out all the remaining administrative papers and then you take an English test to test your language skills. If you fail this, you have to go to tutoring!

I think this test is completely exaggerated because you have already done a toefl test. This test consists of a listening test with multiple choice and a short essay of 20 minutes. I had to write about my hometown. This test is really very easy and none of the foreign students who were there had to take part in tutoring! So approach the topic very loosely.

I am studying business administration in a bachelor’s program in Germany and have spent my fourth semester as a semester abroad. UCSD recommends that German Bachlor students take undergraduate courses. As a business administration student, you have the option of choosing between economics lectures (equivalent to economics lectures) and lectures from the Rady School of Management (equivalent to business administration lectures). I picked two from the Economic Department and one lecture from the Rady School. During the winter semester, the Rady School offered many entrepreneurship lectures. Those who are interested are in very good hands there. The students at Rady School sounded very enthusiastic about the professors and the content.

During the semester you have to hand in homework all the time, which are then graded and incorporated into your final grade. The exams were very manageable and feasible in terms of level and study effort.

Sports at the university

The university offers a wide range of options for all sports enthusiasts. Basketball, soccer, tennis, a large gym and many other offers! The best thing to do is to find out at the “Recreation Center” when your sport is on offer. There are so many options. But as soon as you want to join the university team, you have little chance as a foreign student. You have to be permanently enrolled at the university to take part.


I lived in Pacific Beach (right on the beach) and can only recommend it. The university is located in La Jolla, which is 20 minutes by car from Pacific Beach. It’s best to buy a used car for the time being. For an apartment and a car, I can only recommend You can find everything on this page! It’s kind of like a huge flea market. Of course, the beach also has its price! You have to expect $ 700-800 a month if you live down there!

San Diego

San Diego is a beautiful city and offers a varied program. The beaches around Mission Beach, Pacific Beach and La Jolla are a must to visit. A trip to the island of Coronado is also a must. Downtown offers optimal dining, shopping and club options. You also have to visit the San Diego Zoo, but this is associated with a high admission price. But it is worth negotiating with the cashiers. They too have a soft heart! The people are very nice and friendly and you can tell immediately that California is known for its relaxed manner.

A little football on the beach in the morning, surfing at lunchtime and strolling along the beach promenade in the evening in pleasant temperatures. Welcome to San Diego!

University of California San Diego