Trends Low-Cost Autumn/Winter 2012 / 2013: Hair Coats against The Colder Days

It is an option so warm and so soft that we resist leaving the hair wraps as a pledge of trend. The fact that is not an option as low-cost. If we want to be a quality hair, auqnue is synthetic, it means a good outlay. The good thing is a garment that endures years with us, harboring a lot and that gives a touch of glamour to any look, including the Cowboys. The party is a very stylish coat option. We won’t spoil a beautiful evening dress with a feathered right?. We go shopping to find the best coats of the season:

White fur coats

They look like stuffed animals, but they are not. The light tones in skins they are trend. Anna Slezneva looks it great, and if you are looking for a similar option, says this of ASOs reduced to 92 euros.

Black leather coats

We go to the opposite pole, White to black, a very elegant alternative that has delighted the stores low-cost. Perfect to wear with black skinny or dresses or skirts. In Sfera We can be found by the two less likely with prices of 50 and 150 euros. In Zara climb a bit to the vine, but already we entered in the category of investment in the long term, because these types of coats are of those who passed from mothers to daughters. Sheep skin, it costs 400 euros.

In Mango you will find for 300 euros.

Hair vests

If you do not want to add excessive volume, forget about the shelter and get with a fur waistcoat. I like to overlap them to eight sweaters, as Chiara or to place them over jackets denim or leather jackets to get a coat extra.

My Favorites: the black-grey of Zara, for 199 euros and pink feathers of Bershka, perfect to give a touch of chic to casual looks, which costs €99.

In the lookbook for Bershka They also appear, but note that the quality is much worse.


If you want your coat to be everything less boring, choose one original, patchwork or stamping. A modern garment that combine with all your wardrobe, including pants oxblood.

In ASOs you have a patchwork coat for 111 euros.

Pink added a boho touch to your looks. Slope 118 euros and you will find it in ASOs.

In Mango for 70 euros you’ll have it in grey or Leopard print.