Trends Autumn/Winter 2012 / 2013: a Bit of Gothic a Year Does Not Hurt

Trends Autumn/Winter 2012 / 2013: a Bit of Gothic a Year Does Not Hurt

That I not angry urban tribes, they are mods or Gothic. We know that large gateways like to get inspired on the street and in the youth movements, although in that it eats, Chews, swallows and regurjita, offering fashion, Miss the essence of what the trend originally intended. And this season autumn/winter 2012 / 2013 play to the Gothic and its signs of identity. And contact Gothic once a year will see that until we feel like with the proposals of the most important designers.

Jean Paul Gaultier Strip crosses, velvet and Bordeaux for a Gothic look of a femme fatale.


The crosses they are associated with Gothic, as well as heavy as velvet or leather fabrics. It helps to immerse yourself in our dark side completely black looks, dark makeup and severe hairstyles. Even so, the proposals of Versace they retain some femininity after a first impression so sober.


The Italian firm takes the Gothic and adds a romantic point based on encjaes, transparencies and much sweetness, for that Valentino It is a specialist. Another Gothic garment par excellence that returns with force: the layer.


More black, more transparency, and more lace and Brocade, but from a point of view more sexy, that’s we speak of Gucci. Fashion declna the Gothic in all versions.

Yves Saint Laurent

The ferocity of the women Yves Saint Laurent Add leather and a dark lip gloss to the new prevailing style on the runways. Other items fundamental to create a total look: the gloves.

Marc Jacobs

These figures oversize that presents are not especially Gothic Marc Jacobs for the new season, but the obscurantism is reflected in no doubt designer clothing.


Givenchy It is also Gothic this season. Also added colors like red wine and pink to black to make them sinister. One of the best possibilities to take into account of the Gothic trend.

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen It’s more futuristic than Gothic, but not no one removed the dark side to those bulky skins in black.

Derek Lam

Totally black robes with a grunge point: point and long skirts this winter are also Gothic.

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