Top Medical Schools in New Hampshire

By | January 13, 2023

List and profile of top medical colleges in New Hampshire, including postal codes, mailing address, official website, M.D. curriculum information and teaching hospitals within the state of New Hampshire. Screenshot for each medical program is also included. See below for brief information of each medical school and related resources on the Internet about New Hampshire and medical education.

Dartmouth Medical School

Dartmouth Medical School

Teaching Hospitals
Primary teaching hospitals affiliated with this medical school where clinical teaching or training is carried out.
Teaching hospitals Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center.
Curriculum Address: 1 Rope Ferry Rd, Hanover, NH 03755
(Data appear as originally submitted by this school.)
Four-year M.D. program curriculum Yr 1: Intro. basic biomedical sciences, work with community clinicians to begin developing clinical skills. Yr 2: Interdisciplinary pathophysiology program, cont. clinical study. Yr 3: Required 8-week clerkships in the 6 major clinical disciplines. Yr 4: Two required 4-week clerkships, advanced sub-internship in field of choice, up to 24 weeks of clinical and other electives and 4 short courses.

Attractions in New Hampshire

The wilderness is calling. It is also one of the attractions that New Hampshire has to offer. Many living wild animals can be observed here in the wild. Tourism is now one of the main sources of income and the state is brimming with sights. For children and adults, the state is made for an extensive vacation.

The most famous sights are:

Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site in Cornish

This attraction is located in the south-east of New Hampshire in the small town Cornish. Here was one the summer residence of the sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens. From 1900 he lived here permanently until he died in 1907. Two hiking trails lead through the area and over 100 of his art objects can still be seen today.

Bretton Woods

Here in part of the village of Carrol was founded in 1944 the current World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. The famous Mount Washington Hotel with the world-famous ski area, Bretton Woods, is also located here.

America’s Stonehenge in Salem

This area is located in the city of Salem. It has an area of ​​120,000 square meters. The special thing about it are the stones and stone structures, which are arranged in a special way. It is an archaeological site with an archaeological background. It is still unknown what the rock formation is all about. However, one suspects that it has an astronomical background, similar to the English model.

Mount Washington Hotel in Carroll

In the community of Carroll is the Mount Washington Hotel, which dates back to the turn of the century. It was built between 1900 and 1902 and was created by 250 Italian artists. The hotel still plays a special role today when a fireworks show is held during the holidays.

Covered bridges

These bridges, which are typical of New England, have a special feature because they are covered. These wooden constructions date back to the 19th century. Well-known examples of this are the Jackson Bridge from 1876 over the Ellis River and in Conway the Saco River Bridge from 1890.

Fort at Number 4 in Charlestown

This is a reconstruction of the fort that dates from the mid-18th century. The fort belonged to the British and served as a base of operations in the wars against the Indians and the French. Anyone visiting the fort today will get an insight into life in the past. Visitors also have the opportunity to relax and unwind at the foot of the Connecticut River.

There are also many zoos and amusement parks in New Hampshire. These include Canobie Lake Park in Salem, Story Land Fairytale Park in Glen and Santa’s Village in Jefferson.

Medical Schools in New Hampshire