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By | January 13, 2023

List and profile of top medical colleges in Kansas, including postal codes, mailing address, official website, M.D. curriculum information and teaching hospitals within the state of Kansas. Screenshot for each medical program is also included. See below for brief information of each medical school and related resources on the Internet about Kansas and medical education.

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University of Kansas Medical Center School of Medicine

University of Kansas Medical Center School of Medicine

Teaching Hospitals
Primary teaching hospitals affiliated with this medical school where clinical teaching or training is carried out.
Teaching hospitals Dwight D. Eisenhower Veterans Affairs Medical Center , Robert J. Dole VA Medical Center, Smoky Hill , University of Kansas Medical Center, VA Medical Center, VA Medical Center, Via Christi Good Shepherd, Via Christi St. Francis, Via Christi St. Joseph, Wesley Medical Center.
Curriculum Address: 3901 Rainbow Blvd, Kansas City, KS 66160
(Data appear as originally submitted by this school.)
Four-year M.D. program curriculum The first two years at KUMC consist of required modules integrating core basic science disciplines as well as basic skills and biopsychosocial topics relevant to clinical practice. Years three and four consist of required clerkships in core clinical disciplines and electives. The curriculum integrates large and small group learning and laboratory exercises, and makes extensive use of technology.

About Kansas

Kansas is geographically pretty much in the middle of the United States, roughly the same distance from the Pacific and the Atlantic. The climate is continental, with hot summers and relatively cold winters. Precipitation is relatively low, however, and agriculture has to be partially irrigated. Only the east of the state has higher rainfall. In the extreme southern and southeastern part of Kansas, the climate is already somewhat subtropical. The weather in the western part of the country can be mitigated by the Chinook wind in winter.

The average daily temperature is 18 degrees Celsius. It gets very hot here in the summer months. Temperatures of over 30 degrees Celsius are not uncommon. Winters are cold and temperatures can quickly drop below eight degrees. The best time to travel to Kansas is in April and May, when everything is blooming, and in September and October.

Attractions in Kansas

Due to Kansas’ s turbulent history, there are a number of historical sights everywhere. A city worth seeing with an interesting historical background is Dodge City.

Dodge City

The historic cowboy and western town with its approximately 27,000 residents attracts many visitors. The city was also famous for the legendary Wyatt Earp and the television series “Smoking Colts”. Many artifacts from this period can be seen in the Boot Hill Museum. The wild west flair, which still exudes today, is also typical of the city.


The city became famous for the fort of the same name, which was founded by Henry Leavenworth in 1827. However, it should not be confused with Leavenworth Federal Prison. The fort is still used as a military base today.

West Virginia

The place is in the forested Appalachian Mountains. The place of Harpers Ferry became famous. There the Shenandoah River meets the Potomac. This site was once the scene of a raid during the civil war. The place is surrounded by a park. In general, the place still looks like time has stopped here. Many buildings are open to the general public as a museum. at the same time, the landscape is also ideal for outdoor experiences.


Anyone interested in Kansas history should visit the Kansas Museum of History in Topeka. Here are exhibits that cover the entire history of the state. It is also the only museum that shows the eventful history of the state. The museum is currently one of the top highlights in the country and can look forward to a very large number of visitors. The Kansas State Capitol Building is one of the other best-known attractions in Kansas.

Attractions in Kansas

The Sunflower State also has many popular excursion destinations that you should definitely see. In Wichita there is for example the All Star Adventures Park or the Hutchinson Zoo.

Prairie grasslands, Indian history and western towns

Something also unique to the United States is Kansas City, that it is located to a smaller extent in Kansas and for the most part in Missouri. Motorsport fans should check out the Speedway, where NASCAR and Indy races take place. Also worth seeing are the Rosedale Arch, a replica of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, the Schlitterbahn Vacation Village (water park), the Sauer Castel and the Hanover Heights Neighborhood Historic District.

You can still discover a little of the flair of days gone by in Old Town Abilene. Abilene is also home to the Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum, where everything revolves around the 34th President of the United States, Dwight Eisenhower, who grew up here.

In the capital Topeka you should definitely visit the State Capitol, here you can learn a lot about the turbulent history of the state and look at clear pictures. History buffs should also enter the Kansas Museum of History. The Topeka Zoo also made history when it was the first in the country to plant an indoor rainforest.

Also worth seeing are the Westboro Neighborhood and the Westboro Baptist Church. Airplane and military enthusiasts should visit the Combat Air Museum at the city’s regional airport. Hundreds of roses and thousands of other plants can be found in the Reinisch Rose Garden and Doran Rock Garden.

Between Wichita and Topeka is the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve in the Flint Hills, where you can still find the typical grasslands for the region.

Wichita is the largest city in Kansas. The city is named after an Indian tribe and, fittingly, there is also a Mid-America All-Indian Center, where you can extensively devote yourself to the history of the Natives.

Art lovers should visit the Wichita Art Museum with over 7,000 works. The city is also home to the state’s largest airport, Wichita Mid-Continent Airport. Also worth a visit are the Museum of World Treasures, the Old Cowtown Museum, the Botanica, the Sedgwick County Zoo and the Great Plains Transportation Museum.

One of the most famous world and space museums on earth is the Cosmosphere and Space Center in Hutchinson. There is plenty of space here for the history of the race between the USA and the Soviet Union in the field of space travel and you can even visit well-known exhibits such as the landing capsule of the Apollo 13 mission.

There is another top attraction in the city, the Kansas Underground Salt Museum. It is almost 200 m deep and the facility provides unique insights into the topics of salt and geology.

Dodge City is of course also very historic and interesting for Western fans. Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp once lived here – just to name two well-known names from many. Well-known sights are the Boot Hill Museum with Western Show, the old Fort Dodge, Gunfighter´s Wax Museum (with famous wax western heroes) and the Liberty Garden.

In Lawrence you will find a beautiful and historic city center and the well-known Natural History Museum with the exhibited horse Comanche from the battle at the Little Big Horn (1876) between the U.S. troops under General Custer and the Indians.

Kansas is also known for its numerous rodeos, including the famous Flint Hills Rodeo in Strong City.

Medical Schools in Kansas