The Superga Invade Our Outfits… Coming Soon

I remember perfectly My first pair of platforms. Signed them the signature Superga and they were a model in blue sky. Perfect for the summer. It was at strange times, where little by little I was interested in fashion, but this was not my whole life, so to strange mixtures. Although already little my obsession were shoes. I am speaking of the summer of the ’ 99 (how the years pass!) and since then many models went through my life. But none of them keep them (why?). And it seems that now again to be fashionable, and ami as usual I caught improvist.

Yes, last year already could have smelled it me with the image of Alexa Chung in the campaign, but not, it cost me much believe that they would become fashionable. But whenever I open a blog … Zas! Remember me that I had many and now an earnest desire to grow I show them off again. They are available in all colors: Navy Blue, white, garnets, military green, stamped … although it is one summer summer (would replace the famous Victoria?), the truth is that it can also serve as a footwear from time.

Although all colors triumph alike, can that the Navy Blue and white they are the most popular. Married with everything and give you a touch of chic and sport attire. If I have to choose? I’ll take the whole of Mireia de My daily Style, without hesitation!

Although they feel great with skinny, bloggers prefer to wear them with short dresses and shorts. What do you think?

Making a difference

And if there is a tendency to chant, Chiara must look it. And on his (spectacular) trip across USA from coast to coast (every day I have more anger, mania and, Yes, envy) she looks non-stop This footwear … but at a different version. And it is that she may not be as all other and opted for the version that I have previously spoken: with platform.

Do you think are the Superga the new victory or Converse?