The Paisley Pattern – Comeback of the Dandies

Oscar Wilde said Einstecktücher Paisley design on the absolute need for the gentleman of the world. In winter 2013/14 the colonial fabric pattern experienced a Renaissance and is in the collections of major fashion brands and accessories also pants, shirts and Tuxedo jackets.

The chain of Association on the subject of Paisley is long: a distinctive play of form of reminiscent of British furniture dating back to the Victorian era, the other long-established landed gentry or Spry gentlemen with dressing gown, which are surrounded by very young women in Bunny costumes. And again others look back possible on the own youth, when the high bourgeois Paisley in the motif of the Hippie movement was associated. The big fashion houses seem visibly impressed by the versatility of the lens pattern and celebrate it as an expression of free spirit and savoir vivre this winter. And although men in Paisley robes chronically uncertain feel, whether they look like an wohlsituierter Aristocrat or rather as they were in their pajamas on the road, we encourage strongly the stylistic self-experiment – because in every man a Paisely dandy sticks somewhere.

Paisley in practice

Who wants to put color statements in the winter, wrong exactly with Paisley. There were accessories that were used as a splash of color of outfits, in the past few seasons primarily the flowers seems now on the entire male torso may spread. Elaborately worked jackets and Tuxedo jackets with All-Over embroidery are a special eye-catcher this year. Louis Vuitton shows so fancy towels or a burgunderrotes jacket with black shawl collar and multicolor applications. Similarly pompous give the colleagues of Etro, who send the same dozen velvet jackets with psycho Delian patterns on their winter catwalk.

Modern interpretations wait Meanwhile with Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci. While his Paisley creations in a cool color palette shows the Florentine fashion house, Dolce & Gabbana leaves sprouting lush flower-filled meadows on gray jackets with pointed lapels. And who simply can’t get enough of the colorful confused Warr, who treats herself with pattern King Roberto Cavalli a Paisley-head up foot outfit.

Paisley around the clock?

The laudable exception from the House of Cavalli, we discourage Paisley excesses. If you have not two parts of the same pattern in the closet, the credo is: which is less Paisley more and the later tonight, the better. When uncertainties, black or anthracite-coloured clothing with slight shimmer (ideally from merzierisierter cotton or silk) open up good combinations. Also, a simple white shirt that open or with a bow tie should be but never worn depending on the occasion with a tie simply embroidered jackets.

The history of Paisley

Name benefactress of the Oriental fabric pattern is a town in the Scottish Strathclyde near Glasgow. In the 19th century, recurring colonial soldiers brought colorful Kaschmirschals from India to compensate their wives for their long wait. The exotic pattern was so well-attended that the Embroiderers began to reproduce it, until the local machine builders could make the complex pattern on Jacquard looms in series in hand work. Biggest fan of Paisley, is until today Queen Victoria, the embroidered robes of the entire royal family with gold stitching and precious stones left and thus triggered a global fashion trend.