The Look Right: Blazer Brown Is the Alternative to the Classics

The Look Right: Blazer Brown Is the Alternative to the Classics

When talking about pieces that are easy to combine alternatives in the colors black, blue and grey logo popping up all over in our mind, because these are, basically, neutral tones that will talk with most of your wardrobe, with the addition of a piece of straw or beige for summer. But the brown and its variations such as the beaver, camel, and tile also yield many combinations and come off a little from the traditional.

The Look Right Blazer Brown Is the Alternative to the Classics

Because it works?

In the case of the photo that illustrates this post the contrast with the blue tones and the marine were more than acceptable. The blazer cropped (shorter) has a modeling modern and is well accompanied by accessories such as the scarf and the clutch. Shirt and pants are within the same palette of blue and make it easy to assemble the rest of the combo, with the shoe closing very well the look. If you had questions about how to use a footwear in this tone, look there’s a good suggestion.

It would not be the same thing if…

Swapped out the blazer for a dark color (grey, lead or black), because the visual would be very off.

Try this…

Wear a tie with a color more lively, to draw more attention to your face, or to invert the colors of the blazer with the pants, leaving the marine at the top.

In short:

  • If you already have the basic colors of the blazer is time to think in a different tone and the brown is a good start;
  • The contrast with the blue works well and gives lightness to the look;
  • Accessories in the right colors appreciate the tone of the blazer;
  • Footwear can also get away from the traditional brown and black and from to a color more eye-catching.


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