The Exoticism of the Red Sea in Aqaba

By | April 1, 2021

The always sunny Aqaba of the Red Sea has made a return to the selection of Finnish beach destinations. The city of Aqaba in Jordan is a destination for those looking for easy exoticism and sunny beach days.


Camels, corals and beautiful sunsets

According to Abbreviation Finder, colorful coral reefs line the Aqaba coast at the bottom of the Red Sea. As evening darkens on the opposite shore, the lights of Eilat from neighboring Israel shine.

Aqaba, in Finnish Finnish Aqaba, offers Finnish travelers an easy exoticism. You can get there by direct flight in just five hours. The transition from the airport to the hotel areas is short and there is no need to move the clock when traveling to Jordan at all. Even calculating the currency is effortless in Jordan: the exchange rate of the dinar differs only slightly from the euro.

Despite the ease of travel, the environment is still completely different from the home country. The backdrop of the sun flickering in the sun is the mountains rising rugged towards the sky on both sides of the Gulf of Aqaba. Camels may even be received on the streets of downtown and prayer calls resonate in the city on a regular basis. Soukes sell handicrafts, spices and, of course, tourist goods.

A fascinating destination for all kinds of beach holidaymakers

The city of about one hundred thousand inhabitants is as suitable for those who want a relaxed beach life as for those looking for a more active holiday. Long beaches and beautiful corals offer opportunities for a wide range of water activities. Divers in particular will enjoy the clear waters of the Red Sea.

The holiday is also worth a bit of culture: the rocky town of Petra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is only about a hundred kilometers away. There are regular excursions to Aqaba from Petra.

A fascinating destination for all kinds of beach holidaymakers

Jordan is not an oil country

Jordan is an Arab country , but it does not automatically mean oil. In Jordan, which became independent from the British colonial government in 1946, tourism is a strongly growing industry and efforts are being made to develop tourism infrastructure, especially in the Aqaba region.

The Red Sea coast, favored by tourists, is a special economic zone with privileges over the rest of the country.

Jordan lives a socially quite balanced life compared to its bubbling neighbors. The Royal House of Jordan enjoys the respect of the people and King Abdullah II has made a determined effort to modernize his country.

Hot and sunny climate

Aqaba’s climate is warm almost all year round. The best travel times are the Finnish winter months. The sun roasts very hot during the summer months.

In July and August, the average daily temperature is as high as 40 degrees. The coolest is in January, when the average temperature drops to around 21 degrees and the water temperature to 19 degrees.

Respect the local culture

Cultural differences in different parts of Jordan are large. Where the capital, Amman, and the tourist-favored Aqaba are more permissive in terms of dress, the atmosphere in parts of the country is tight. Even in tourist destinations outside the hotel areas, it is not suitable to move in a swimsuit. The shirt should cover at least the shoulders. Even the shortest miniskirts can be left at home.

Some local women wear a scarf or veil, but it is not mandatory in Jordan.

Alcohol is not part of the local culture, but it is available in hotels and also in most restaurants. However, there are also places where alcohol is not served at all. Nightlife is concentrated in the hotel areas.



The best diving spots in Aqaba

  1. Cedar Pride Wreck – sunken cargo ship, also suitable for night diving
  2. Japanese Garden – beautiful to watch even for snorkelers
  3. Paradise – a red reef that can only be dived at high tide
  4. Eel Garden – as the name implies, inhabited by eels
  5. Ras al Yamanya – coral-free sandy bottom is suitable for beginner training

Experience these in Aqaba

  1. Beach day soaking up the sun
  2. Excursion to the rock town of Petra
  3. Diving or Snorkeling on the coral reef
  4. Bedouin dinner at Wadi Rum
  5. Camel riding or in carts

Watch out for these in Aqaba

  1. Drink only bottled water. However, you can safely wash and brush your teeth with tap water.
  2. Agree on the price of the taxi in advance.
  3. The sun can roast very hot. The protection factor of 30-50 is in place for a light Finn.