The Colors Neutral Are The Pillar of The Looks of The Egobloggers, Do You Feel with Them?

“How to go from the typical black and white?, I’m tired of dressing always equal” and other phrases of style cross the minds of many of us each morning. If the minimalist style is the owner of your wardrobe and you feel more comfortable with plain colors that patterned, then pay attention: neutral colors are your best asset this season. In addition, bloggers continue to wear them and you’ll find a lot of inspiration in the network.

What are neutral colors you may ask?, we have heard them innumerable times, but the group is made up: grey in all its shades, nude or makeup, beige, stone tones and broken white, besides of course, the couple par excellence, white and black.

Male vests, fluid pants, turtlenecks high or culottes are some of the items most viewed wearing these colors. Its versatility It is provided that will allow you to mix them between them or even add a note of colour in the form of marsala, blue klein or mustard to make of your look one worthy of any section of street style.

Issues when it comes to overlay colors in the same range, the beige and the toffee never before had not formed best couple. It is more, do not look a look that combines a range of grayscale?, will achieve a perfect outfit for your day to day or even to go to the office by making gala of a style 100% working girl.

If you want to add a different touch, opt for the oxford double-soled to achieve a more masculine look or mix a vest of squaring with a pair of stilettos (or sneakers in his absence), the end result will be great.