The Celebrities in The Fashion´S Night out: Neon Brights, Vitamin Smiles and Roll of Heel

The Celebrities in The Fashion´S Night out: Neon Brights, Vitamin Smiles and Roll of Heel

He came and triumphed. We don’t speak of Paula Echevarria in the image, that too, but the Fashion´s Night Out the event fashionista of the year by the grace of Anna Wintour We know them all and has been at the head of the world Vogue followed by far for the rest. She, in her ice throne, decided one day that after the 11S fashion was sad, very sad, the shops in the doldrums and our listless mood.

As if it counts with a crystal ball, it imagined a September very different which could, we could live, that one also was in the heart, that 2001 in which the NY Fashion week ground to a halt, but it was not the only or the most important.

The fortress is shown getting up and she decided that fashion would rise, at least in his Kingdom. But the Kingdom expanded and extensive and became a global event the VFNO. ¿What happened in Madrid? who was left to see? ¿What celebrity would it have more cute? And is that as my colleague Natxo purchase or wrongly argued, it has become undoubtedly claim, an do see, a give to talk and one should be.

How not, she always she Paula Echevarria He arrived and also triumphed. It showed smile and hot body in the store of Intimissimi , which was the bride, with its Balmain gleaming and profident smile. Both ahead and behind, ideal.

Naty, our Naty Abascal, of Canary yellow and bright Fuchsia. All accompanied by a Marbella moreno and a smile of happiness. How it would be but it, diva of fashion, the Harpers of yesteryear, of the great Avedon? So happy which Blackbird in the spring.

Maria Leon, total black and with a skull of the most trash.

Kira Miró, nude that you quiro nude and stretch you want to strech. What better color to give a walk and buy some lingerie? But certainly something seamless, with those dresses that we spend is not another option.

And another Maria Leon, This time blogger and head of communication of Pedro de el Hierro, dressed in the same, as it could not be otherwise, and with t-shirt the VFNO and shoes Prada, the same as the Echevarria, but it won’t be the only night match.

Carmen Lomana, who love me for what lie, with the evening dress. Its stars, its full trend, be of Dolce & Gabbana and match in look with! Marta Sanchez!

Along with jewels, by Rabat they spent Pigeon Lake, Fiona Ferrer, Romina Belluscio y Patricia Olmedilla. Necklines of all type and condition. From bathtub asymmetrical, from Fuchsia or black up to more colorful.

Boat neck shoulder air and again exalted with a bad makeup Marbella moreno.

…and new tub for Romina who their model years, the same has shared in some shoots, helped to pose, Act and dress. New nude love you nude, this time to attend the cocktail organized by the Rabat jewelry.

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