The Career of a Jacket: Bleaching, Dyeing & Be Rivets

The jacket of the output:


Step 1:

Bleaching in the Batik look


to bleach, you need some rubbers, a bucket, gloves and bleach (eg. Eau de Javer from the DM)

With the rubber, knotting to jacket and place them in a bucket with the Bleimittel. I’ve stretched that for safety’s sake with a little water. Then a few hours to soak, until the jacket is bright enough, then take out and wash on low temperature.
Step 2:

Create colorize and gradients.


You need batik and Färbefarbe for the first time in different colors, a bucket, salt, ties and gloves.

So again the jacket with rubber edited and started with dye.

I the whole jacket in pink let light pink started as a base color, so in colour, but different than any 20 minutes on the Pack with, but only a few, and the color less intense because I wanted to have the curves gently. Then cold wash. New bathroom, new rubber and this time what yellow on it. Same procedure, except that I have this time not completely immersed the jacket, but only parts of the jacket. Finally I used then turquoise, which I has automatically responds with the other colors and I had in my color spectrum with this so green and violet.

Then allow the jacket to dry.

Step 3:

Leather applications
For this step, you should can work around a little with the sewing machine and bring patience. You so sew on the sleeves and back creates a template for the Ankh. Then back cut out the pattern and the fabric just placed, fixed with pins and sewn on.

Step 4:

Rivets attach

For the jacket I’ve used mainly cone studs, around 200 pieces, which can be folded to. Costs: approx. EUR 20 and on the shoulder screws rivets, 14 St., cost: approx. EUR 7. You can buy such rivets and others on eBay.

To attach, you need a lot of patience, strength, primarily a small pair of pliers, a pair of scissors and a small knife.

Attach then with the hands that push rivets and from the other side. Wall approximately 5 hours.

For the pimp of the entire jacket so I cost EUR 60 for studs, faux leather and dye and an expenditure of approximately 10 hours of work. The result, which was worth but definitely!