The Box and The Thousand Combinations Zara Pants

The Box and The Thousand Combinations Zara Pants

A same pants, the same brand and five different women. The originality in these days is how Learn to take advantage of a garment since if it is Zara who spear are not going to stop seeing her. He joined tables with skirts and now we have the attack of the pants pictures.

Each phenomenon is generating new strengths, street style will have its negative aspects, but at the end if you search well we find different views of which to take note. Pants from Zara these days, with the tartan of the dear winter, passed the Red to the dark blue and green. Pictures that seem to come out of rainy days.

Zara has similar models, with included mono, as what we see to Roy on the Street in the main picture, which combines with a small portfolio and a colorful floral CAP that surprises.

This pattern is then passed to pants and we see the different ideas. While Aniri you prefer the white on their jersey’s point and a few rooms, Carla Estevez you prefer a few generous chunky heel and a military Cap booties.

It is the same garment (or with minimal tweaks) but looks like another. At the end it is the style and the form of merge. Martina is a rare mix of modernity and classicism against the total look of Maria de la Cruz that fails most by it itself by all male inspiration.

A few pictures but so many visions as we can imagine.

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