Tallinn in Estonia

By | October 6, 2021

Tallinn is a very interesting city with lots of exciting things to do Attractions. The oldest pharmacy in Europe can be visited in the city. It is located on the main town square and dates back to 1422. It has operated continuously from that time until now. Visit cellphoneexplorer for Estonia Major Cities.

The town hall is something special. It is the only one of its kind in the whole of the Baltic States, in the Gothic one style was built. Construction began in the thirteenth century. The building did not get its characteristic tower until the fifteenth century. The water reservoir in the shape of a dragon dates back to the seventeenth century.

Tallinn’s medieval city walls are two kilometers long. Their large number of towers are among the best preserved Estonian city fortifications.

Construction of the walls began towards the end of the thirteenth century. Over the course of three hundred years, however, they have been continuously expanded. Of the forty towers built at the time, only twenty-six remain today.

Tallinn’s television tower is also worth a visit. It has a height of three hundred and fourteen meters and is the tallest free-standing building in the northern part of Europe. The structure was erected between 1975 and 1980 on the occasion of the Summer Olympics, which were held in Moscow.
At a height of 170 meters there is a viewing platform from which you have a wonderful view over the city. In good weather you can even see the coast of Finland from there.

Another attraction of the city is the cathedral school. The old school and cathedral were founded in 1319 by the Danish King Erich Menved. It later became a high school for the Estonian knighthood before being converted into a German high school in 1919 and 1939.

Another building to see is the Naval Officers’ House. It dates from 1954 and was built in the style of the Soviet confectioner style.

The house of the Blackheads Guild is also worth a visit. The Blackheads Guild only existed in what is now Estonia and Latvia. The association consisted of unmarried German merchants. The guild had only been based in Tallinn since the fourteenth century. The patron saint of the Blackheads Guild was Saint Mauritius.
The building of the guild is truly impressive. It was built in the Renaissance style. Furthermore, it has an elaborately designed portal, with some coats of arms to be seen.

Other buildings in Tallinn that are worth a visit are the KGB headquarters, the Kiek in de Kök and the town hall.

Tallinn also has some sacred buildings, such as the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. The cathedral belongs to the Russian Orthodox Church. It was built in the nineteenth century. The cathedral is a symbol of the Russification of the country.
The tomb of the Estonian national hero Kalev is said to be located where the church stands.
The cathedral got its name from Alexander Nevsky, the leader of the Russian army, which defeated the advancing army of the Crusaders in the ice battle on Lake Peipus.

Another interesting religious building in the city is the Dominican monastery. The monastery was built in the thirteenth century. The monastery is now a Roman Catholic church. At that time the monks preached in Estonian here.

Other sacred buildings in the city are the cathedral, the Heiliggeistkirche, the Nikolaikirche etc.

The Peter the Great Summer Palace is absolutely impressive. The man’s summer home is not far from Katharinental Castle. Today you can visit reconstructed rooms from that time here.

The castle on Domberg should also be seen. It was built as a baroque palace between 1729 and 1796 at the request of Catherine the Great. Before it was built, there was a castle of the Brothers of the Sword from the thirteenth century.
The Toompea Castle was later converted into a convent building, and the Estonian Parliament still meets here today.

Tallinn still has one more castle to offer and that is Katharinental Castle. It was built by Peter the Great in 1718. In the lap itself there is an impressive collection of foreign art.

The sights already mentioned are only a small part of what the city actually has to offer. There are still a number of different monuments, museums, opera houses and theaters to visit in the city.

Tallinn in Estonia