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Scotland, United Kingdom

Overview According to topschoolsintheusa.com, Scotland’s natural surroundings offer an unforgettable backdrop: the interior is defined by imposing mountain peaks, breathtaking lochs and remote glens, while the coast features white sandy beaches, sheltered coves and rocky cliffs. Romantic ideas have long been associated with Scotland. However, the country’s proudly displayed Scottish history and lively cultural scene… Read More »

United Kingdom Environment

According to ezinereligion.com, the flora and fauna of the United Kingdom have particular characteristics as they are the result of an anthropic intervention on the territory that has occurred since ancient times. In fact, most of the territory of the United Kingdom was once covered by deciduous forests (especially oaks), currently reduced to 11.9% of… Read More »

York St John University Study Abroad (11)

Since I’ve lived in a big city for pretty much my entire life, I wanted to experience the advantages of a small city like York – and I still don’t regret it to this day. The city offers so much more than you would expect. Especially in autumn the city is immersed in a warm… Read More »

York St John University Study Abroad (10)

I spent my semester abroad at York St. John University. I lived and studied in York from the end of January to the end of May. The contact and application went through MicroEDU and was very easy and problem-free. The contact was almost exclusively via e-mail. Since I’m also studying English in Germany, I didn’t… Read More »

York St John University Study Abroad (9)

Off to the semester abroad The main goal of my semester abroad was to improve my English skills. It was therefore clear from the start that it should become a country in which English is the mother tongue. For a long time I couldn’t decide between Ireland and England and kept getting in touch with… Read More »

United Kingdom During World War I and II

HISTORY: THE FIRST WORLD WAR In the second half of the century. XIX, liberalism and liberalism were replaced by conservatism, protectionism and imperialism. Major exponents were B. Disraeli, Lord Salisbury, J. Chamberlain and CJ Rhodes. In the last thirty years of Queen Victoria’s reign, Great Britain, which, by ceding the Ionian Islands to Greece (1863),… Read More »

York St John University Study Abroad (8)

York itself is a beautiful little town in the north of England and definitely worth a visit. There are a lot of shops, pubs and bars in the city center and many historical buildings, squares and streets have been preserved. If that’s not enough, there are also direct bus and train connections from York to… Read More »

York St John University Study Abroad (7)

Education I am studying English / American Studies and Religious Studies in the two-subject Bachelor’s degree and have benefited a lot from the fact that you can freely choose your modules at York St John and that I didn’t have to limit myself to one subject. I have taken the following modules: Feminist Ethics and… Read More »

York St John University Study Abroad (6)

Anyone who decides to study at York St. John University will have a lifelong positive memory of the time spent there. And I am a student who wants to share this memory with you. In the following I will briefly describe the most important things that are important for the stay in York and for… Read More »

York St John University Study Abroad (5)

Preparation I have heard from several friends that they are doing or have completed a semester abroad through MicroEDU. Since I had been thinking about studying abroad for a while for a long time, I decided to get in touch with MicroEDU. I wanted to go to an English-speaking country to improve my English. Great… Read More »

York St John University Study Abroad (4)

In the 2013/14 winter semester I started my year abroad at York St John University, in the beautiful city of York, and spent two semesters there. Organization I heard about MicroEDU from a friend and decided to go abroad at short notice. The advice was great and I received a lot of help with choosing… Read More »

York St John University Study Abroad (3)

Application process Since I English and Education on teaching study, it was clear from the outset that my course a semester in English speaking countries heard. However, it was up to you whether you study at a university or do an internship. Since I was interested in both options, I decided on a mixture of… Read More »

York St John University Study Abroad (2)

In the winter semester 2012/2013 I was allowed to spend a semester abroad at York St John University in the beautiful city of York. Organization and preparation: The entire organization of the semester was carried out via MicroEDU.com. I was able to turn to the contact person with all questions and always got an answer… Read More »

York St John University Study Abroad (1)

My winter semester 2011/2012 is at York. St John University and MicroEDU was a great help with my application. The only hurdle was a Toefl test of at least 79 points (IBT), all other required documents (e.g. overview of grades from the home university) were easy to organize. The email traffic with MicroEDU and the… Read More »

United Kingdom Population and Migration

POPULATION AND DEMOGRAPHIC DEVELOPMENT According to iamhigher, the population of Great Britain took place through successive immigrations, all from Europe. The most ancient traces (III millennium BC) of a stable occupation date back to the Neolithic populations that came from SW (builders of megalithic architectures), while from the SE come those agricultural people – the… Read More »

University of Essex Student Review

Accommodation: The smooth application process was particularly remarkable . I started my semester abroad at a very early stage and was accompanied at every single step by TOPSCHOOLSOFLAW. Before the start of the semester abroad, however, I would have liked a slightly better information policy from the University of Essex, as I was only allocated… Read More »