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Tunisia Economy in the 1970’s

In May 1975, according to census data it counted 5,588,209 residents distributed over a vast territory of 164,150 km 2(38,969 of which in discussion with Libya). Between 1956 and 1958 the great majority of the 255,324 Europeans (of which 180,440 French and 66,910 Italians) and of the 57,792 Israelites present in the country during the… Read More »

The Arab Spring and its Aftermath

The self-immolation of a young greengrocer in the provincial town of Sidi Bouzid on December 17th, 2010 sparked a nationwide wave of protests against the authoritarian regime of Ben Ali. The protests escalated when security forces used violence against the demonstrators, killing scores of people. On 14.1.2011 President fled Ben Ali to Saudi Arabia into… Read More »