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The Look Right: Casual with Blazer Sweatshirt

The Look Right: Casual with Blazer Sweatshirt

Blazer traditional, made of wool, up to their modern versions with the most diverse materials, there are decades of men’s fashion technology and apparel that have influenced the adaptations that the play has been suffering. Currently we can use a blazer to give a formal touch to the look, or leave it completely random, in this post we will talk about the second option looking at the example above with blazer sweatshirt.

The Look Right Casual with Blazer Sweatshirt

Why does it work?

The author of the look was bold in some things and is contained in the other, the color palette, for example, is the more unobtrusive as possible, combining only black, white and intermediate tones between the one and the other, the pieces create a combo extremely casual: pants, as if that’s not enough to be skinny still has tears and patches that just do not stand out too much because the black color hides it (this is the tip for those who want a pair of pants as well, but I think the exaggerated!); the white tennis shoes contrasted with the pants, it is completely within the trends and contributes to the climate moderninho;the t-shirt in grey is neutral and does not interfere with the look, but if shade is important to make it stand out blazer that, in fact, notable for being a piece in knitted (sweatshirt) and still bring a stylish cut -, merit of those who produced it, but do not think that in the case of a blazer, the set becomes more serious, on the contrary, the choice of fabric sets the tone, which in this case is an outfit for the ride.

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