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Spain Pubic Finance

Budgets and public debt. – The main revenue of the Spanish budget derives from direct and indirect taxation and from monopolies. Expenditure includes those for public debt service, public works, national defense, education and pensions. The analysis of the above figures cannot lead to conclusions corresponding to the actual financial situation in Spain if the… Read More »

UAB Reviews (11)

Introduction Right from the start of my studies I knew that I would be drawn abroad. The decision about the right place to study for my semester abroad was not difficult for me. I have already visited Barcelona several times as a tourist and have been absolutely in love with this great city for many… Read More »

UAB Reviews (10)

1. Reasons for Barcelona and UAB Barcelona is a cosmopolitan, touristic but very intimate city. The many inhabitants are only surpassed by the host of tourists. A wide variety of cultures meet here. Many immigrants from South America live here in particular. This is a hotspot for backpackers from all over the world. Barcelona or… Read More »

UAB Reviews (9)

I found my apartment COMMISSION FREE via http://barcelona-home.com/en/, there were no problems here either. I lived on Gran Via de les Cortes Catalanes, Rocafort metro station, a wonderful area, but the Gracia district would have been even better, from here it is also a stone’s throw to the university building. At UAB I chose the… Read More »

UAB Reviews (8)

A semester abroad in Barcelona 1. Reasons for Barcelona Barcelona is a culturally diverse, cosmopolitan and also very touristy city in northeastern Spain, right on the Mediterranean. In addition, with its seven universities, it is one of the largest student cities in Europe and offers students numerous inexpensive cultural and leisure opportunities for every taste.… Read More »

UAB Reviews (7)

From September to December 2010 I studied at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. This stay abroad flew by, I would have loved to have stayed longer in this beautiful and diverse city. The semester started on September 6th, but I arrived a little earlier to look for an apartment. I found my room on the… Read More »

UAB Reviews (6)

Since I did not get an ERASMUS place for Madrid or other Spanish cities at the University of Cologne, friends gave me the tip to go to a foreign university as a “free mover”. After a short phone call with your website, I was able to find everything on the homepage to find out more… Read More »

UAB Reviews (5)

Decision, application, preparation When I decided to do a semester abroad and when I asked where I would like to do one, it was clear to me from the start that I wanted to go to a place where I can learn a new language, but where I can also have fun and many new… Read More »

UAB Reviews (4)

My decision to go to Barcelona was significantly influenced by the fact that at the time in question I did not have enough ECTS points to go abroad via ERASMUS, which is why I chose the more relaxed and more expensive alternative. The entire application process is much simpler than for all of my fellow… Read More »

UAB Reviews (3)

From September 2012 to December 2012 I spent a semester abroad at UAB. First of all, the organization: it went very quickly and easily for me. After I couldn’t get a place of my choice through the Erasmus program at my university, I decided to organize the semester abroad myself. Although I was quite late… Read More »

UAB Reviews (2)

Application: The application process is really very simple. You have the necessary documents together quickly and everything is described exactly, so that you can’t really go wrong. The fact that the service is free for the applicant is of course great. The apartment search worked surprisingly well. Since the two of us were looking for a small apartment… Read More »

UAB Reviews (1)

It was already clear to me before I graduated from high school that I wanted to live in Spain for a certain period of time. I loved taking Spanish classes at school and I really wanted to keep learning the language. For my 18th birthday my parents gave me a trip to Barcelona and since… Read More »

Madrid Attractions

FLIGHTS, ACCOMMODATION AND MOVEMENT IN MADRID Madrid is a convenient destination for direct flights, for example for a weekend getaway. Good connections from Finland There are several direct flights from Finland to Madrid and prices start at about two hundred euros. Finnair flies from Helsinki to Madrid once a year all year round. With a… Read More »