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Rwanda Shopping, Embassy and Communication

Language Overview Official languages ​​are French, Kinyarwanda and English. Business language is Swahili. Public Holidays 01/01/2022 New Year 02/01/2022 Heroes Day 07.04.2022 Genocide Remembrance Day 04/15/2022 Good Friday 05/01/2022 Labor Day 07/01/2022 Independence Day 04.07.2022 Liberation Day 08/15/2022 Assumption Day 10/01/2022 Patriotism Day 12/25/2022 Christmas 12/26/2022 Christmas Source: Top-mba-universities.com Duty free shopping Overview The following… Read More »

About Rwanda

According to Extrareference, Rwanda is a small African republic located in the eastern part of the continent. Most of the country’s territory is covered with hills, as a result of which it began to be called the “Land of a Thousand Hills”. In 1962, Rwanda was proclaimed an independent republic, before that the country was… Read More »