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Qatar Agriculture, Fishing and Forestry

According to businesscarriers, Qatar is a Middle Eastern country located in the Arabian Gulf. It is bordered by Saudi Arabia to the south, Bahrain to the east, and the United Arab Emirates to the northwest. Qatar covers an area of 11,521 square kilometers and has a population of 2.8 million people. The official language of… Read More »

Qatar Politics

The country of Qatar is a coastal emirate in Southwest Asia in the Middle East. Qatar borders Saudi Arabia to the south, the Gulf of Bahrain to the west, in which the Hawar Islands of Bahrain, the closest to Qatar, lie, and the Persian Gulf to the north and east. Qatar is known for an… Read More »

Qatar Shopping, Embassy and Communication

Language Overview The official language is Arabic. English and Persian are important as business and lingua francas. Guest workers speak their respective native languages, above all Urdu (Pakistani national language, which is also spoken in some states in India), Hindi (Indian official language) and other Indo-Aryan languages ​​are widespread. French or German is sometimes also… Read More »

History and Education of Qatar

History of Qatar The lands of modern Qatar have been inhabited since ancient times. The earliest archaeological finds date back to the end of the 4th millennium BC. e. and confirm the existence of a developed and prosperous civilization here. After the adoption in the 7th c. Islam, along with the rest of the inhabitants… Read More »