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National Flag of Philippines According to aceinland, the national flag of the Philippines is a horizontal bicolor with a white triangle at the left, symbolizing peace and equality, and a blue field on the right, symbolizing truth and justice. The eight-rayed sun in the center of the flag stands for unity, freedom and democracy. The… Read More »

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Language Overview The first official language is Filipino, derived from Tagalog. The second official language is English. Spanish and Chinese are also common, although less so than English. There are over 100 cultural and ethnic groups, each with their own language. A total of over 988 languages ​​and dialects are registered, including Tagalog, Cebuano, Ilocano,… Read More »

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Area: 343,448 km² Residents: 106,512,000 (2018) Population density: 310 E / km² Form of Government: Republic System of Government: presidential democracy Neighboring countries: (Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Taiwan) Capital: Manila National language: Filipino (based on Tagalog) Official language: English Other languages: Chinese, Spanish, Cebuano, Iloko and about 170 other religions: 81% Catholics, 5% Muslim, 2.8% Protestant, 2.3% Iglesia ni Cristo, 2% Independent Philippine Church, 0.8% Seventh-day… Read More »