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The Look Right: Blue and White New Year’s Eve

The Look Right: Blue and White New Year’s Eve

You probably already figured that the last “Look Right” year would be a suggestion for the new Year’s eve, but instead we talk about the traditional look total white prefer to give emphasis to a mix of lightweight parts with soft colors, ideal to face the marathon of food, drink, and celebration, without being bothered by the heat that is making.

The Look Right Blue and White New Year’s Eve

Why does it work?

Even those who cheer the nose for pants candy color does not have as to deny that this look is flawless, with the blue tones work very well, passing a state of mind as well the positive is that everyone wants this season: entering the new year with the right foot, and high-spirited. The plaid shirt leaves the interesting combination, the henley that is underneath brings the charm of the collar with the detail of the buttons, the shoes, a dockside, is of a neutral tint and has this nautical style that goes over well in the summer, the same happens with the belt in a canvas that contains the colors of the rest of the parts, tying up everything.

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