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Myanmar Shopping, Embassy and Communication

Language Overview The official language is Burmese, and over 100 different languages ​​and dialects are spoken. English is spoken in business circles. Public Holidays 01/04/2022 Independence Day 02/12/2022 Day of Unity 02/16/2022 Full Moon of Tabaung 02.03.2022 Farmers’ Day 03/27/2022 Armed Forces Day (memorial day honoring the military) 04/13/2022 Maha Thingyan (Water Festival) 04/17/2022 New… Read More »

The Golden Roofs of Burma

“And then a golden miracle rose on the horizon, a shining, shining miracle that shone in the sun. It was neither in the shape of a Muslim dome nor that of a Hindu temple top. This is Burma, said my companion, and it will be like no other country you know. ‘These are the lines… Read More »