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Sights of Morocco

Major cities in Morocco: Meknes – spread out among idyllic nature, fascinates with fabulous beauty. In the 17th century, Sultan Muley Ismail wanted to turn it into a dream. Palaces, mosques, gardens are living monuments of architecture that keep the secrets of past centuries. See Countryvv for labor market in Morocco. Fez is a center of… Read More »

Morocco Shopping, Embassy and Communication

Language Overview The official languages ​​are Arabic and the Berber language Tamazight. Other Berber languages ​​are spoken. The language of business and education is French, which is mainly spoken in business, government and administrative circles. Spanish is also spoken in the north, and some English is often spoken in the cities and tourist centers. Public… Read More »

Morocco Fauna and Flora

Fauna. – The Moroccan fauna, despite being essentially Palearctic in its fundamental lines, except for the inevitable infiltrations of Ethiopian elements, is characterized compared to the Algerian fauna, to which it is very similar, by a greater quantity of peculiar species. This derives, as Pallary notes, from the nature of the soil where the mountain… Read More »