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Mali Shopping, Embassy and Communication

Language Overview The official language is French. Spoken languages ​​are Arabic, Bambara (80%), Songhai-Jerma, Manding, Soninké and Ful. Public Holidays 01/01/2022 New Year 01/20/2022 Armed Forces Day (memorial day honoring the military) 03/26/2022 Martyrs Day 04/18/2022 easter monday 05/01/2022 Labor Day 05/25/2022 Africa day 07/09/2022 Tabaski (Islamic Festival of Sacrifice) 09/22/2022 Independence Day 10/09/2022 Milad… Read More »

Mali History

Since ancient times the region was crossed by caravan routes directed towards Morocco and Algeria, while towards 700 AD. C. the black-African dynasty of the sisē asserted itself, giving splendor and power to the empire of Ghana, then attacked and conquered in 1076 by the Almoravids. Among the kingdoms that became independent at the time… Read More »