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Malaysia Shopping, Embassy and Communication

Language Overview The official language is Malay (Bahasa Melayu). English is the lingua franca and language of education. Various Chinese dialects, Tamil and other Indian languages ​​are also spoken. Idioms Eight = lapan eighty = lapan puluh exit = keluar beer = bir, arak please = tolong thanks = terima kasih tuesday = hari selasa… Read More »

Malaysia Tourist Areas

The islands of Langkawi, Penang and Borneo have a well-developed tourist infrastructure. Penang Island – called the historical capital of the country, the largest temples are located here: the Goddess of Mercy (Kek Lok Si) Thai, Burmese, Chinese and also the snake temple. Malaysia has some of the best dive sites in the world, notably… Read More »

Visit Worth Seeing Cities in Malaysia

Here you will find study trips and round trips through the metropolises of Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Get to know Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, on a study tour. The symbol of the city are the Petronas Towers, one of the tallest buildings in the world. In addition, highlights of a Kuala Lumpur city break… Read More »