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Jordan Market Opportunities

MFA: Strategic opportunities for foreign exporters The pandemic hit Jordan hardest in the first half of 2021. The intensified restrictive measures brought further negative impacts on its economy, which was already heavily affected by the previous year’s recession. ¾ of the population works in services. Their continued paralysis (mainly tourism) is the main cause of… Read More »

Jordan Country Overview

According to the Constitution of January 1, 1952, Jordan is a constitutional monarchy; in fact, however, the sovereign holds very significant powers as he exercises executive power, assisted by a Council of Ministers, and is the head of state. The sovereign appoints the prime minister, but the government must have the confidence of Parliament, which… Read More »

The Exoticism of the Red Sea in Aqaba

The always sunny Aqaba of the Red Sea has made a return to the selection of Finnish beach destinations. The city of Aqaba in Jordan is a destination for those looking for easy exoticism and sunny beach days. Camels, corals and beautiful sunsets According to Abbreviation Finder, colorful coral reefs line the Aqaba coast at the… Read More »