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Italy Society

Italy is a vibrant and diverse country located in the heart of Europe. It is known for its rich cultural heritage, picturesque cities, stunning landscapes, and delicious cuisine. Italy is considered one of the most romantic countries in the world and is home to some of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The population of… Read More »

Bormio, Lombardy (Italy)

According to aviationopedia, the mountain-climatic thermal resort of Bormio is located in the center of the Alta Valtellina ski region in northern Italy, which also includes ski resorts such as Santa Caterina, Valdidentro and Livigno. It is located at an altitude of 1225 m at the foot of Mount Cima Bianca (3012 m) on the… Read More »

Italy in the 1990’s Part 8

In fact, if we compare the turnout percentages, it can be seen that in the twenty years 1979 – 99 the voters had gone from 85, 3 to 70, 8 % (and from 85, 7 to 69, 8 % if we also include the contribution of Italian voters to the European Union). The European elections… Read More »

Italy in the 1990’s Part 7

According to globalsciencellc, the agreement between Berlusconi and the secretary of the PDS, D’Alema, had led to the establishment of a bicameral Commission (February 1997) to outline an organic project of institutional reforms (see also state: Institutional reforms, in this Appendix). The Commission, chaired by D’Alema, reached, in 1997, through a series of complex negotiations and… Read More »

Italy in the 1990’s Part 6

According to localtimezone, these results were achieved at the end of a path marked by internal and external tensions to the majority. After a first additional economic maneuver of 16. 000 billion (July 1996), the government passed a budget law equal to 62. 500 billions. In the following months the debate was particularly heated. The… Read More »

Italy in the 1990’s Part 5

In view of the political elections, scheduled for April 21, Dini himself decided to present himself with his own political group, Rinnovamento italiano, in the alliance of the Olive tree. The PDS, the PPI, the Greens and the Democratic Union, a group of secular inspiration founded for the occasion by Maccanico, were part of the… Read More »

Italy in the 1990’s Part 4

According to elaineqho, an initial verification of the balance of power between the two camps took place in the regional elections in April, which showed a certain mobility of the political framework. The results attributed 9 regions to the center-left and 6 to the center-right. A second, albeit indirect, verification came from the referendums on… Read More »

Italy in the 1990’s Part 3

According to aceinland, the presentation of the financial maneuver, which provided for 48. 000 billions between cuts and amnesty receipts, the blocking of hiring for six months in the public service and retirement pensions (this question, at the request of the President of the Republic OL Scalfaro, was then removed from the budget and included… Read More »

Italy in the 1990’s Part 2

According to itypetravel, the elections on 27 – 28 March 1994 (v. Tabb. 10, 11, 12) decreed the success of forces led by Berlusconi, who obtained the Chamber 302 of the 475 seats allocated by the single-member constituencies. The center-right won the absolute majority in the Chamber by a large margin, narrowly missing it in the Senate. The… Read More »

Italy in the 1990’s Part 1

According to countryvv, the investigations by the Milanese judiciary on corruption in public life, which began in 1992, have had disruptive effects on the Italian political system, triggering and accelerating a series of transformations that have not, however, resulted in institutional reforms. The passage from the first to the second Republic, announced repeatedly and in… Read More »

Italy from 1815 to 1849 Part 5

According to allcountrylist, the republican revolution of France had appeared to the most ardent patriots as the beginning of the universal democratic revolution, as Mazzini had prophesied; the people’s victory of the five days seemed to demonstrate that the people’s war was enough to overthrow the tyrant and expel the foreigner, as Mazzini had preached. The dissension… Read More »

Italy from 1815 to 1849 Part 4

After that decade of failed Mazzinian republican revolutionary tests, the spirits look for another program, review situations and values, hope for a new solution to the Italian problem. In this process of revision of values, the general conditions of Europe and the particular conditions in Italy give a sense of moderation and conciliation in drawing up… Read More »

Italy from 1815 to 1849 Part 3

The constitutional problem for Naples and Piedmont could not have been resolved except on the battlefields of Lombardy, with independence from Austria. The internal regional question was a national question. The Carbonari uprisings, however, have the merit of having pushed Piedmont and Neapolitan into the national movement. The Italian conscience, thanks to the Carbonari, overcame regional prejudices; the idea… Read More »

Italy from 1815 to 1849 Part 2

According to travelationary, the Carbonari was at that moment in the best conditions of its fortune: it had acted as a force of opposition to a foreign government in the kingdom of Naples, had welcomed constitutional ideas with sympathy, restored in Sicily under the English influence on the island. , had hoped for the Bourbon… Read More »

Italy Flora 1

When the Napoleonic Empire fell, the Congress of Vienna gave Italy the following structure in 1815: Austria  obtained: 1. Lombardo-Veneto with Valtellina; 2. Friuli, Istria, Dalmatia up to and including Kotor; 3. the right of garrison in some points of the Duchy of Parma and of the Legations. In this way he opened the way from his transalpine dominions to… Read More »

Italy Flora and Vegetation Part 7

Oceanic climate with thermal averages corresponding, for example, to those of Portugal and uniformly distributed rainfall postulates the presence of  Rhododendrum ponticum  in the breach of Hottinga, of a local form of this together with  Acer laetum  Aesculus hippocastanum and to other elements of the so-called Pontic flora in insubric phyllite deposits that are usually referred to the Ryss-Wurmian interglacial,… Read More »

Italy Flora and Vegetation Part 6

According to ejinhua, a special substrate independent of the earth and water is what parasites find on living organisms, as are a large number of fungi and bacteria: among the phanerogams we remember the  Cytinus hypocistis , the only European Citinacea that parasites some species of  Cistus  of the Mediterranean scrub ; the strange  Cynomorium coccineum, the only European Balanophoracea parasite… Read More »

Italy Flora and Vegetation Part 5

Noteworthy is the complex of ipsophytes that populate the alpine area of ​​Sardinia and Corsica above the belt of  Alnus suaveolens . According to themeparktour, the analysis made for this last island by Briquet reveals the various components, among which the boreal-alpine and the alpine are not missing, but it is worth noting the lack of richer… Read More »

Italy Flora and Vegetation Part 4

Other formations in the area are pastures and arid and dripping cliffs, and groundwater debris, etc., but the exemplification of their most characteristic and endemic species would be too long. Above the vast and gloomy tree belt, interrupted by meadows and rocky slopes, a consortium of gregarious shrubs is very developed in the Alps, many… Read More »

Italy Flora and Vegetation Part 3

The transition from the Mediterranean to the submontane area is marked by the prevalence of deciduous trees represented by oak woods of the English type and even more by varieties and breeds belonging  to  Q. downy , and  to  Q. cerris , from the chestnut groves in the siliceous soils, while in propitious exposures and where the rainfall is accentuated there is the… Read More »

Italy Flora and Vegetation Part 2

But in the coastal strip there are also extensive evergreen woodland formations, where the scrub enters as undergrowth, with a predominance now of  Quercus ilex  (holm oaks) ,  now of  Q. suber  (cork oak), with various mixing, especially where the soil is deep and fresh; and on the land side, deciduous trees such as oak, turkey oak, hornbeam, hornbeam, hornbeam, hazelnut, chestnut… Read More »

Italy Flora and Vegetation Part 1

According to iamhigher, the first has been the object of many researches for 4 centuries, consecrated in works extending to the whole of Italy (see flora) and to individual provinces and districts, and which have made known, as regards vascular plants, almost all species and varieties that grow there. Less studied and in-depth was the ecological… Read More »

Italy Economy

Business Although Italy has the fourth largest economy in the European Union in terms of gross domestic product (GDP), it is only in the lower midfield with a gross national income (GNI) per capita of (2017) US $ 31,020. Italy made the transition from an agricultural to an industrial state relatively early on, benefiting from… Read More »