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Sights of Hungary

According to Ethnicityology, Hungary has a huge number of unique monuments and natural attractions, which attract many tourists to the country. This is the mild climate of the country, and the most interesting architectural monuments, and healing springs. One of the directions of tourism in Hungary is health trips. It is here that the famous… Read More »

Hungary Medieval Arts – Northern Hungary

Northern Hungary In the Middle Ages there was no term for the northern area of ​​the Hungary as a whole and only in the Late Middle Ages did the denomination of Hungary superior (Hungarian Felsömagyarország or Felvidék) come into use. Since this area was not conquered by the Turks after 1541 and belonged seamlessly to… Read More »

Attractions in Hungary

Hungary – places of interest Among the most famous Castles – Castle Esztergom from the year 972 belongs to the castles and castles of Hungary. Stephen, the first saint of Hungary, first king and founder of the Hungarian empire was born in this castle. The center of one of the most beautiful cities in Hungary… Read More »