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Castle Hotels in Czech Republic

STIRIN Hotel 4* Hotel description: The baroque castle hotel with a picturesque English park is conveniently located just a 20-minute drive from the historical center of Prague. The castle was built in 1750 on the site where a fortress had stood since the 15th century. After a general reconstruction in 1900-1905. The castle was rebuilt… Read More »

Czech Republic Modern History

In March 2009, the Topolánek government failed due to a vote of no confidence in parliament. J. Fischer , head of the national statistics agency, formed a transitional cabinet. In the elections to the House of Representatives in May 2010, the ČSSD won most of the seats (56), but compared to 2006 – just like… Read More »

Tuition Fees in the Czech Republic

The higher education landscape in the Czech Republic can look back on centuries of tradition. The premise of free access to higher education is also steeped in tradition. This means that Czech students generally do not pay tuition fees at public universities. International students also enjoy the privilege of free university studies – regardless of… Read More »