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Peyia, Cyprus

Peyia was once a small village whose inhabitants were engaged in the cultivation of oranges. Today it is a major municipality in the neighborhood of Paphos. And although the composition of the population, which once consisted of Cypriot farmers, has been significantly diluted by immigrants from the UK, and the nearest beach, Coral Bay, has… Read More »

Cyprus Medieval and Modern Arts

The most ancient monuments of Byzantine art, which dominated Cyprus unchallenged until the century. XII-XIII, are two beautiful mosaics of the century. V-VI, similar to the contemporary ones of Ravenna and Rome: one in the apse of the church of Panagia Angeloktistos in Kiti, near Larnaka; the other, also representing the Virgin and Child between… Read More »

Cyprus Brief History

According to aristmarketing, the goddess of love Aphrodite was born on the island of Cyprus and later a culture developed that paid homage to her. Cyprus was not the most beautiful place she could choose, but the island is interesting from several perspectives. Visitors are usually offered a lot of sun and heat, in the… Read More »