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Santa Clara, Cuba

The city of Santa Clara, founded in 1689, is located in the central part of Cuba in the province of Villa Clara. In 1958, Ernesto Che Guevara led the battle for Santa Clara during the Cuban Revolution, and it was this city that became the resting place of his ashes, brought from Bolivia to Cuba… Read More »

Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

Santiago de Cuba is the second largest city on Liberty Island. Founded in 1514, Santiago is unlike Havana or any other Cuban city. It is located on the southeast coast and has a purely Caribbean atmosphere. The Caribbean influence is felt in the climate, culture, and appearance of the city, which is why it is… Read More »

Cuba Country Information

Name The name Cuba is derived from the Indian word “Cubagua”, which means “gold mine”. The archipelago was also given the name “Juana” or “Fernandina” from the Spanish conquerors. Location The Republic of Cuba consists of the main island and numerous smaller islands and reefs. Its total area is 110,860 square kilometers, making it the… Read More »