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How to Buy Products from China at Wholesale Price

Buying products from China at wholesale prices involves thorough research, effective communication, and careful planning. By understanding the key steps involved, negotiating favorable terms, and building strong relationships with suppliers, you can successfully source products from China and build a profitable business. Stay informed about market trends and continuously seek ways to improve your processes… Read More »

What is Sourcing?

In recruitment you can simply choose from two recruitment tactics: you actively approach candidates or opt for passive recruitment. With passive recruitment, you place an advertisement and leave the initiative to the candidate. With active recruitment – ​​sourcing in recruiter jargon – you approach the labor market proactively. You look for suitable candidates and warm… Read More »

Macao, China Shopping, Embassy and Communication

Language Overview Official languages ​​are Chinese (Cantonese) and Portuguese. English is spoken by many business people and in the tourism industry. Public Holidays 01/01/2022 New Year 02/01/2022 Chinese New Years Festival 04/15/2022 Good Friday 04/18/2022 easter monday 05/01/2022 Labor Day 05/15/2022 Bathing Festival of God Buddha (Buddha’s Birthday) 09/10/2022 Mid-Autumn Festival 10/01/2022 National Day of… Read More »

Study in Fudan University

I am studying Management and Economics in the 5th semester and spent the 2012/13 winter semester at Fudan University in Shanghai. The CCSP (Contemporary China Studies) program at the University in China ran from September 2012 to the end of January 2013. Tohee International Student Village During the semester and the subsequent internship, I lived… Read More »

Student Visa and Health Insurance for China

A student visa is required to study in China. There are two types of visas for international students in China: the X1 visa and the X2 visa. An overview of all you need to know about the student visa for China Which student visa you need depends on the length of your studies. X-1 visa:… Read More »