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Brazil Market Opportunities

Brazil ended the first quarter of 2021 with very mixed economic results, as timid signs of economic recovery collided with investor concerns caused by the instability of the political environment. Disputes between the federal government and the governments of the BFR states regarding the methods of combating the covid-19 pandemic and their intensity are not… Read More »

University of Caxias do Sul

University of Caxias do Sul. It is a higher education institution in the northeast region of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. It is the largest in number of students in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. Historical review The implementation of the first higher education courses in Caxias do Sul occurred during the 1950s,… Read More »

Italians in Brazil – Number and distribution

The figures of the Brazilian census of 1920 find sufficient confirmation in an inductive calculation made on the basis of our statistics and which, starting from the number of arrivals, deducts from these the repatriated and re-emigrated and the dead. According to this census there were 558,405 first generation Italians in that year, divided as… Read More »

Traveling in Brazil

Airplane: Due to the long distances in Brazil, occasional flights may be necessary, some of which cost little more than a long-haul bus. If you plan on taking multiple flights, the Brasil Airpass will likely save you money. For peak times – from Christmas to Mardi Gras, Easter, July and August – you should book… Read More »