Swimwear Newbie: Danward

Who wants to move in a fashionable triangle between yacht deck, pool and cocktail bar without slip, can build on the themes of “Danward”. Since 2012 designs Founder Daniel Ward swimming fashion for gentlemen with refined taste and never loses sight of an often underappreciated detail: portability.

“Summer is not a season but a state of mind” is the personal motto of Daniel Ward, he writes his two-year-old company on the flag. Of course it is here ostensibly to appealing marketing, but after some time the parole is not only memorable, but almost it philosophically. Because, if summer is a matter of attitude, then the place to stay is ultimately don’t care, as long as one lives out his emotional state and to dress accordingly – thus the collection items by Danward come back into the game and joins the product cycle.

The sense of crisis of Mr swimwear

Apart from resourceful advertising messages, the luxury swimwear from Switzerland with qualities can wait on, alike will appreciate the swimming sports and leisure. “It was impossible to find cool, modern swimwear with corners and edges. Swimwear for men to completely exaggerated prices turned only to technological features and never to fashion, or only to questions of style”, sums up the circumstances of his inspiration that see where Orlebar Brown- CEO, Adam Brown, not quite unlike ward. Even more than the noble trunks from the UK, Danward is based on current fashion trends and reinterpreted them for a beach vacation. Therefore, there are many geometric prints that remodel with the matching Polo shirts and water-repellent leather Sandals the trip outfit can be in the current collection.

Made in Italy: Danward

All trunks by Danward are made of nylon and dry within a few minutes, even in the shade. Their cuts offer all freedom of movement and prevent unsightly bruising holiday belly. Who wants to shine in the shrinking models, yet not coming on a sporting figure, can in turn of supporting fit and happy materials, how they are used in the performance area otherwise. A very fashionable design is self-evident. All Swiss luxury brand products are handmade in Italy, what should convince even the last sceptics of the sustainability of the “pool”clothing in public.

The man behind the swimwear of Danward

Now, one wonders, why just Dan Ward men should pronounce their trust as a style guru for a beach holiday. In addition to his innate taste security inside the Vita offers information: Ward spent his youth in Japan and worked in Europe, where he earned university degrees in chemistry and photography. After he became a place “Commercial and Marketing Manager” at Herm├Ęs, which may explain a bit the savvy customers of Danward. Next, we went to Dunhill, Bally and finally to Calvin Klein, where he was responsible as the “President of design and merchandising” for the European and Asian markets. Seen in this way, the man can buy, create, market and sell. So much concentrated talent convinced also trading giants such as Harrods, Selfridges and Lane Crawford, which nothing in the range have the exclusive swimwear since hour.