Swimwear by Thom Browne: A Safe Choice

What attract men, to make a good fashion? Pick up a suit. But when it comes to beachwear, a suit could not be abject. How can one then fashionable on the safe side? The solution: Use to swimwear designers, whose indulging is the suit. Such as Thom Browne.

Unmistakably emblazoned the iconic patch logo by Thom Browne on the trunks. It is the brand name of the designer, which is a name in the world of men’s fashion. The native New Yorker is known for his suits. For several years he praised also regularly for his wife collections by the press, but the men’s fashion remains the hobby at the famous and little-known designers. That classic swimwear penned, is hardly surprising: the designer was swimming ACE College, has therefore a natural affinity to the water.

The designer Thom Browne: A scientific approach to the fashion

“Like, if someone thinks purely creative.” Thom Browne once told about the work of other designers in the conversation with the Manager magazine. The designer is actually an economist, Allentown, Pennsylvania, in the US State of Pennsylvania as the son of two Catholic lawyers grew up. Maybe it’s his academic background, establishing an almost scientific approach to his designs. Whether suits or trunks – a straight design language and focusing on the essentials are always in the foreground.

Swimwear by Thom Browne: fashionable on the safe side

Accordingly, the elegant beach goers with a swimsuit by Thom Browne is fashionable on the safe side. The American designer who worked for Giorgio Armani in New York as a salesman and later for Club Monaco, an offshoot of Ralph Lauren, pants and Oxford shirts designed in the Ivy League style, there are no surprises. The trunks are classically tailored, short but not too short. The man shows at Thom Browne leg, but just not too much of the beach quite. There are uni coloured swimwear, for example, in gray, in the range of Thom Browne as well as strongly rejected. Where even the patterned trunks of the American designer, and the print was so striking, never overloaded work. Thom Browne knows just how one (s) cuts a good figure – whether at a gala dinner or beach volleyball.

As one (s) in applause bathes? The answer: in elegant designer swimwear.