Summer Dress Is on Sale (And Costs Less Than 30 Euro)

Summer Dress Is on Sale (And Costs Less Than 30 Euro)

The summer sales This year will be even more drastic than the last and we will leave with many opportunities for good prices. Sales and bad weather for two days ago, delaying the spring and extending the winter, have made that stores have already started with some big discounts sale. Give us a turn looking for the summer dress for less than 30 euros and we find many options that dress.


ASOs It points to the retro British taste in these models, versatile fashion for the party and for the street looks.

  • In Bordeaux, striped and with a line set for 15,91 euros.
  • Taste of pop art and bright colors for 22.53 EUR.
  • Moles, with a neckline heart and folds for 19.88 euros.
  • The margaritas at this dress with neckline heart and French sleeve for 23.20 euros.

Forever 21

If you already by itself Forever 21 It is economic, these days has even more news at a price very low. Dresses like these:

  • Dress stamped in red and white with abstract brushstrokes for 4.99 euros.
  • In a vivid red asymmetrical long 12,44 euros.
  • The most romantic short, with a white and a minimum transparent panel in the form of Vee for 18.99 euros.

Free People

The American holiday Free People low their prices drastically in a sale that will enjoy the fans of the brand. Among the most economical ideas we are left with these three dresses:

  • A long dress below the knee with gathered waist and neckline strapless pink Palo by 22,90 EUR.
  • A short dress in white, festive, with panels of chiffon and lace by 15.25 euros
  • More party, this time in black with a dress of spectacular back with metal applications by 22,90 EUR.


Bicolor taste for dresses and geometric shapes with black as key in the mixture of ideas has triumphed in the hand of Stella McCartney and other firms, in Mango they have some ideas on the subject with the Emerald as a key:

  • Striped dress with sleeves for 19.99 euros.
  • Sleeveless knit dress by 27,99 EUR.
  • Two-tone dress in black and white for 19.99 euros.

River Island

River Island even more low prices on some models like these:

  • The watercolors take flowers and this dress for 12 euros.
  • Floral dress along with the background with polka dots for 18 euros.
  • With polka dots, black and white for 12 euros.

Pull & Bear

Pull & Bear are encouraged to white and black in summer proposals that adds the inspiration that both like to Dolce & Gabbana with flowers and black background in youth apparel.

  • Dress embroidered with white holes by 15,99 EUR.
  • Flowers tube dress for 9,99 euros.
  • And maxi dress dress with ruffle back for 19.99 euros.
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