Study in San Diego State University (8)

By | September 27, 2021

Basically one thing in advance: Life in San Diego is not cheap, it is stress-free and very varied.


The application process was pretty easy. MicroEDU requested the documents from the applicants and was always available to answer any questions. MicroEDU then took over the application process for you and forwarded the documents to the SDSU. I got the confirmation from the SDSU relatively quickly. Read more student reviews on Jibin123.

For me the university was really huge, for an American it wasn’t. For example, the UCSD, which is also located in San Diego, was a lot bigger and more comparable to a small town. There really is everything you need on campus. From coffee shops to small supermarkets to fast food shops. Studying at the Uni Gelende is unique. Palm trees, sun and lots of well-trained people, like in San Diego in general. The free hours were therefore a really pleasant time.

The sports offer is great. As a foreign student, you could use the huge gym or one of the numerous other sports activities for free. So I played in a soccer team in an SDSU tournament. By the way, students come to the university team’s football and basketball games free of charge. 30,000 spectators are not uncommon for a SDSU unifootball game.

The crashing:

I didn’t find crashing the course difficult or annoying. You have three weeks to find your courses. One week was enough for me. I wanted to go to university in just two days and it worked without any problems. Every Tuesday and Thursday. However, it is important to get to the 12 units. If you take more units, you have to pay for them extra.

The lectures:

The lectures differed from lecturer to lecturer. Many a lecturer even gave grades for participation, another lecturer wanted no participation if possible. So it depends on the lecturers, how a course runs and what is expected. There is a tendency to use one or the other day of the week to study and prepare, then it will also work with the really good grades.
But you should plan the expensive books in the budget. Prices of up to $ 450 for all books were not uncommon. You can also share the books or buy the mostly cheaper online version.


A car is essential. I recommend buying a car. We bought a Chrysler Sebring jxi convertible. Very nice car and perfect for San Diego. Cruising through San Diego with an open roof has something very special. But friends of ours also bought an old Mercedes for $ 1,000 and sold it again for $ 1,000. Insurance for two people for one semester is around $ 400. So cheaper than renting.

You can safely forget about public transport in San Diego. You drive rarely, unpunctually and not for too long.

Campus or beach?

Living clearly on the beach. I lived in a house in Mission Beach with three roommates. Great house with its own boat, surfboards and hot tub. A life like in paradise. The house or apartment search is not the problem either. helps a lot here. However, you should plan a few days for this. An early arrival is also helpful, as many international students arrive shortly before the semester and then the demand is greater than the supply.

San Diego:

San Diego in itself is a real dream city. You have everything you want. Downtown with nice restaurants, hotels and discos. Huge and beautiful beaches, perfect weather, so that even in December it is still partly 28C. There are also museums and sightseeing points that don’t neglect the cultural aspect. And last but not least: a flair that I have never felt before. The people are open and friendly, always helpful and incredibly easy-going. You get to know people quickly and talk to them.
Sports are also very important in San Diego. With the San Diego Chargers you have a very good football team and with the Padres you have a baseball team that can annoy even the grown-ups.
You can also be in Los Angeles in 1.5 hours by car.


If I would have to decide again and choose the USA, I would always go to the SDSU. Applying with MicroEDU was easy, the city was beautiful and the university was exactly what I had in mind.

Study in San Diego State University 8