Student Visa and Health Insurance for China

By | July 15, 2021

A student visa is required to study in China. There are two types of visas for international students in China: the X1 visa and the X2 visa.

An overview of all you need to know about the student visa for China

Which student visa you need depends on the length of your studies.

  • X-1 visa: Study visits to China of more than 180 days
  • X-2 visa: study visits to China of less than 180 days

The X-1 visa need international students within 30 days of arrival in China can be converted into a residence permit. This conversion takes place at the Entry and Exit Department of the Public Security Bureau (PSB). For this, students also need a health certificate, among other things. The corresponding medical examinations can also be carried out on site in China. If you have the residence permit, report it to the police in your current place of residence in China.

With an X-2 visa, students can usually only enter China once. However, it is sometimes possible to apply for further entries after arriving in China.

Students must register with the local police within 24 hours of arriving in China according to searchforpublicschools.

Student visa holders are not allowed to work in China. Students are allowed to complete unpaid internships within a strictly regulated framework.

Apply for the student visa

Student visas for China must be applied for at a Chinese Visa Application Service Center. There are four such centers in Germany: in Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt and Hamburg. The application can be made in person or by post. Applicants can make an appointment online to apply in person. However, this is not mandatory.

The processing time for a personal application is normally four working days. If you submit your application by post, you should expect around ten working days. All documents must be complete so that processing can take place so quickly. The required documents usually include:

  • the application form
  • a passport that is still valid for at least six months
  • Passport photos
  • the certificate of admission from the Chinese university
  • the JW202 form

Students should check individually whether they need to submit additional documents. The website of the Chinese Visa Application Service Center provides a guide with requirements for the Visa.

The Chinese Visa Application Service Center recommends applying for visas one month prior to planned entry. Since visas are usually only valid for three months – sometimes even less – for entry into China, one should not submit the visa application too early.

China student visa cost

The student visa for China currently costs EUR 60 for students from Germany, Austria and Switzerland regardless of the category. In addition, the Chinese Visa Application Service Center charges a service fee of around EUR 65. The service fee for postal applications is higher and is around EUR 101. The cost of the visa can be paid in cash at the Service Center or via EC card payment. Student visas applied for by mail can be paid for by bank transfer.

Student Visa and Health Insurance for China


Studying in China requires careful planning. One of the things that students need to worry about before their study adventure in China is proper health insurance.

Reliable health insurance in China

Students in China are sometimes required to take out health insurance from their Chinese university. However, the benefits do not necessarily correspond to those of a German health insurance company.

Even students who receive a scholarship, for example from the Chinese Scholarship Council, are partially insured through a Chinese health insurance. Here, too, the services should be thoroughly checked in advance so as not to be left with the treatment costs in the event of illness.

To be in the event of illness or accident in China sufficiently secured, students should in addition to a Chinese insurance private medical insurance to complete. In some cases, for example with certain semester programs, this is even the only possible health insurance for studying in China! The private foreign health insurance for China should in any case also pay for medically necessary return transports to the home. There are various providers of private international health insurance in Germany. To avoid surprises, students should inform themselves in advance about the services of the insurance companies in question. The international health insurance must be for thebe valid for the entire duration of the stay.

On site, students usually have to pay the treatment costs in cash or by credit card. Students usually get the money back from the insurance company later. It is therefore important to keep all receipts.