Stripes, Flowers and Wallpaper, All Prints Are in The Zara Catalogue

Zara dishevel in new catalogue of spring 2016 offering the most daring trends of the season: prints are everywhere, as they are striped thin and elegant to look at dresses camiseros, flowers in the Gucci style blouses and suits or retro prints that decorate kimonos, bombers, pants and jackets.

If you are looking for something more romantic, choose style boudoir with slip dress lingerie that seem to Nightgowns, y Pajamas light passed from bedroom to street.

The more rebellious look puts the inspired garments grunge and rock, with clothes oversize, worn, and sporting denim feet.

The pieces that I like the new collection: the small White Chanel-style jacket and the leather jacket with message on the back, one essential piece to photograph sure that it sweeps the streetstyle blogs.