St.Emile: A German Fashion Label Conquered the World

The fashion label St. Emile goes back to a lower Franconian family business – and won with cool looks and tailoring the fashion world. A success story from Germany.

in 1924, Josef Reis family business was founded in Wall Township in the peaceful Lower Franconia. It specialized in producing first-class jackets and blazers and put value on best processing. But it should take more than 50 years, until the big breakthrough.

St.Emile company: Fashion from Germany

in 1997, two men took over the company that apparently proved the right hands: Uwe Jürdens and Roland Duddek. St.Emile henceforth gained rapidly drive. A study of the journal “TextilWirtschaft” says that the label 2002 – Darko had risen Meanwhile again – has established itself as one of the most important lifestyle brands for exclusive women’s clothing.

Craftsmanship and quality in house

The secret of success – as so often – is in the product. While many brands promise quality St.Emile translates it. Although the label is currently represented in 17 countries, working here still according to the values of a traditional family business. Almost everything is carried out in-house, from design to delivery.

The paper model to the perfect result

Many employees will take care of the optimization of each piece. There about carrying behaviour and intake values of substances are checked before a collection at all in production goes. Even an own pattern tailoring is on-site. New silhouettes are tested with paper cuts and made from nettle fabric. Original materials are draped by hand and stitched as pattern parts. The fit is trumps: each little contingency is already considered in advance – and found to hop or top. A touch resonates with Couture. Only the production itself is outsourced. For this, all production companies commissioned by St.Emile are managed by its owners. You knows, is familiar.

St. Emile: German player in the global fashion market

Step by step St.Emile extended his range – over the years until it is complete for 2013. With modern quality fashion, a fine shoe and handbag collection and super luxurious business outfits the label now belongs to the most important German players on the international fashion market.

160 steps per Blazer

Who takes a look behind the scenes, is amazing. So, about a single Blazer passes through approximately 160 steps, most of which serve the design, Interior and fit control. Considerable 75 sections and 15 templates are in use. An effort that the customer sees and feels. The comfort is actually extraordinary: German perfectionism at it’s best.

Portable high fashion

But the work processes run as traditional, the looks are so contemporary-cool, almost carefree easy. St.Emile has managed to develop an urban design language that is modern but never uberpaced and remains always portable. The collections of the in-house designers have earned the designation of “Fashion”.

Can be combined and suitable for everyday use

From elegant daywear and sexy evening looks to Accessories and feminine business fashion (the latter is incidentally without available), St.Emile offers the complete program. And makes the tone of our time. The female clientele, which bears this fashion, is confident enough to make a statement. At the same time it wants to submit to any dictation, but show their own style: combine freely, to feel comfortable. Without compromising on comfort and quality.

Luxury from nature

Also the substances are worthy of a high fashion label. Many are made specially for St.Emile, including silk, fine cotton, linen, cashmere, and wool. St.Emile consciously focuses on natural materials. Probably asked a further quality feature that is “typical German” in the best sense – and internationally as rarely before.

Motto: “women pure”

Job and lifestyle, family and career, party and business: It is not always easy to meet all expectations. All the more important that at least the look is right. “Women pure” is the company motto, which explains co-owner of Uwe Jürdens as follows: “St.Emile meets the demands, to meet a woman in all its facets.” Sounds ambitious – and it is also. The success proves him right.

St.Emile company: Fashion from Germany

St.Emile is currently represented in 17 different countries. The label operates its own Flagshipsstores in Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich and Sylt. It is run among others by such renowned luxury houses such as KaDeWe, Breuninger, Alsterhaus, Lodenfrey, Jelmoli and Ludwig Beck – and by the way proves that fashion from Germany in the first ever League can play with.

Visit the St.Emile website to get more information, including the latest collections.