Sports Win The Battle over Heels among Bloggers

We are at that time (at least in the North) that you don’t want to take already boots (although suddenly surprised a untimely downpour), but it is too early to wear Sandals (unless you want to amputate your fingers freeze). So it’s the perfect time for take the sports. If we thought it was going to be a fad, we were wrong. The bloggers they no longer look heels, now show us his more casual side with the sports all the time.

They prefer the classic brands: Converse, New Balance, Adidas Stan Smith, Victoria, Vans.

Of course, the Sports white they are the simplest to combine and bring everything and become casual to a delicate and feminine dress white lace.

And as all have one day where he does not want to climb us heights because we have to walk tirelessly, welcome these super looks of streetstyle with sports.