Sneaker Lexicon: “Adidas Wings”

Sneaker Lexicon: “Adidas Wings”

In the recent history of the sneaker there was hardly a model that would have caused a such hype among stars, such as the “wings” by adidas: Trendsetters such as, Kanye West or top model Cara Delevigne are regularly photographed in the colorful representatives, be it on the red carpet or fetching coffee. Jeremy Scott is the spiritual father of the winged sneaker and was praised for his visionary design by Karl Lagerfeld personally (in the sky).

It is a mix of childhood dream and joy of colour which makes the “wings” of adidas so amiable. Almost everyone will have wished in a silent moment already to can – fly without aircraft, rocket backpack, or enchanted Persian carpet. The winged sneaker can not afford that although, provide with their colorful face but fine atmosphere for the carrier and pretty much anyone who on the road watching him on the feet. A real unique selling proposition, if you consider that trend otherwise rather awesome tighten up envious glances.

With two wings: adidas “Wings”

The most “wings” are based on the classic “adidas original Hi top ‘ with perforated front cover and extra large tongue. Since the official launch in 2008, sporadically more models are added under other wedges and ballerinas for women, as well as box calf, boots for adults and children. To distinguish two subspecies remain relevant: the wings can either be permanently attached to the heel, or leave them to attach the shoe depending on your preference through the laces. In material and color choice is Jeremy Scott likes to play fantasy muscles and so far showed models in metallic colours, pink and blue felt or even versions made of leather with the “stars and stripes” the American flag. (Rather as a side note we would indicate that the unequal style safe “wings Adilettes”, which seem to be a guaranteed eye-catcher at the next swimming pool visit.)

For the 2014 season, grabbed the designer still a floor lower in the bag of tricks and produced the model “JS Foil Wing”. This is an oil stain on asphalt to a metallic sneaker with light transparent sole, whose Außenhaut interracial reflects light – similar to.

Relatives of the sneaker family “Wings”

Naturally more mood-illuminating ideas came Scott in six years of work: below were Lepoparden-sneaker with small tails, Panda bears, and even pink poodle with lush head of hair along with snout. The idea of the so-called “Roundhouse mids”, which had to 2012 will be withdrawn from the market ahead of its regular launch resulted in an ethical scandal. The resentment was a yellow ring of rubber should be attached to the calf of the carrier through a rubber chain. American civil rights organizations saw an affront against the horrors of slavery in the model and read the two rings as shackles. Scott apologized while in public, dismissed the accusations back but decided he had inspired in design by the American children’s film (1986) “My Pet Monster”.

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