Sights of St. Petersburg

By | May 24, 2022

According to top-medical-schools, the northern capital of Russia always attracts crowds of fans of interesting cultural, historical and architectural sights. This city is full of amazing places that have been perfectly preserved since the reign of Russian tsars. Even a few weeks will not be enough to fully embrace the power and grace, grandeur and luxury of the palaces, parks and churches of St. Petersburg.

Popular attractions in St. Petersburg

To briefly describe the outstanding places in St. Petersburg, where a tourist should definitely visit, we will highlight the most famous sights of the cultural capital of Russia.

Many, of course, may be familiar with photos from magazines or pictures, the images of which adorn your holiday cards, but there are also places that always have something to surprise a guest.


This majestic imperial residence is filled with stunning treasures that clearly and correctly convey the history of Russia and preserves the cultural heritage of a vast country.

Inside the State Museum, you can see unique works of artists and sculptors, true masters of their craft. Each exhibit of the exhibition is a masterpiece that the whole world is talking about.

Let us note the special significance of the main building of the State Hermitage – the Winter Palace. Its architectural graceful forms embody true love and dedication. Exquisite outlines every year more and more attract tourists to this bold and chic miracle.

Peter-Pavel’s Fortress

When exploring the great places of St. Petersburg, it is worth noting the military fortress located on the Neva, surrounded by water. Such a tactical cunning of the location only enhances the impression of the beauties of the Russian land seen.

The fortress is not the only treasure on the island. Here you can also see the huge Peter and Paul Cathedral. In addition, do not forget to look at the Mint or the Military History Museum.

Temples and cathedrals of St. Petersburg

Just in the middle of many city paths and streets, a huge and inspiring Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood was built . Its multi-colored domes are lined with mosaics and lure tourists with a bright glow from the Mikhailovsky Garden. Recall that it was on this historical place that Emperor Alexander II was killed.

Another great attraction of St. Petersburg is St. Isaac’s Cathedral. This is the largest Orthodox church in the city.

It surprises with a luxurious gilded dome. Inside, this cathedral-museum is equipped with beautiful frescoes and statues, and its walls are painted with carvings.

Visit the beautiful Smolny Monastery, which has settled in the very heart of the city. Its special architectural style, where the best details from baroque and neoclassicism are collected, can easily tell and show you the history of this area.

Also, the magnificent building of the cathedral and adjacent premises attracts attention with a light, delicate blue tint of the outer walls. In addition, the cathedral weighs like a concert hall where classical music is played.

Sights of St. Petersburg