Premature Ejaculation

By | June 10, 2022

Premature ejaculation or ejaculatio praecox is a common ejaculation disorder in men. From a medical point of view, it is not a painful disease, but the disorder can severely affect the sex life of the person affected and their partner. The phenomenon is widespread and the suffering of those affected is sometimes considerable.

What is premature ejaculation?

There is no single definition of premature ejaculation. When a man cannot control the timing of ejaculation and orgasm occurs earlier than desired, this is commonly referred to as premature ejaculation. For minimal change glomerulonephritis (mcgn), please visit

Ejaculation (ejaculation) occurs either shortly before or shortly after penetration into the vagina. In some definitions, the ability to satisfy the woman sexually also plays a role. This is referred to as premature ejaculation when the man is unable to control his ejaculation in such a way that both partners are satisfied during intercourse.

The phenomenon distinguishes between a congenital and an acquired disorder. The congenital form can have physical causes, the acquired form is often due to psychological causes. Premature ejaculation is always a major psychological burden.


There can be a number of reasons for premature ejaculation. However, these have not yet been finally clarified. The scientists are still discussing whether, in addition to psychological and physical causes, neurophysiological reasons may also be responsible for premature ejaculation.

The psychological causes can have a wide variety of triggers. Early childhood sexual disorders, sexual performance, limited sex education or fear of failure can lead to premature ejaculation. In the case of physical illnesses, urinary tract infections or diabetes mellitus are often responsible for the phenomenon. Taking certain medications can also lead to premature ejaculation.

Ejaculation is influenced by various messenger substances in the brain. Among other things, the messenger substance serotonin is also involved. Increased levels of serotonin in the brain can increase the time it takes to ejaculate. Premature ejaculation can occur as a congenital or acquired phenomenon.

In the congenital form, physical illnesses are usually the cause. The acquired form can usually be traced back to psychological causes. Premature ejaculation can be a lifelong ailment. However, premature ejaculation can only be temporary.

Diagnosis & History

Only a few men affected by premature ejaculation seek medical treatment. In order to make a diagnosis, the most important thing is to interview and talk to the person concerned. The doctor can reach a diagnosis by asking precise questions about the symptoms, but also about sexual experiences and development, as well as any fears that may exist.

If he/she also suspects physical causes, appropriate further examinations can be carried out. The doctor will pay special attention to the medical history. This gives the physician important information about the patient’s sexual life and can thus make an important contribution to further treatment.

When should you go to the doctor?

Naturally, premature ejaculation can only occur in sexually mature boys or men. Therefore, they belong to the risk group. Normally, however, no further action is required. In most cases, this phenomenon is due to a lack of experience in the area of ​​sexual experiences. Therefore, premature ejaculation mostly occurs in males at a young age. With increasing sexual activity in the course of life, the symptoms subside in almost all cases. Tips from the field of self-help are often sufficient to be able to regulate premature ejaculation independently.

A doctor therefore only needs to be consulted in exceptional cases. These are given as soon as mental suffering occurs. In addition, in the case of persistent libido disorders or irregularities in sexual behavior, consultation with a doctor should be sought. Pain during the sexual act, strong emotional stress or irregularities in the erection should be examined by a doctor. In a large number of cases, premature ejaculation can be prevented if successful masturbation has taken place before the actual sexual act. A multiple ejaculation in a short time leads to an alleviation of existing complaints and can already initiate a freedom from symptoms. Permanent irregularities that already lead to disturbances in the partnership,

Treatment & Therapy

Premature ejaculation can be treated with medication, psychotherapy or physical measures. The triggering causes are always decisive for the choice of treatment method. Various therapies are used in psychotherapeutic methods. For example, sex therapy, couples therapy, behavioral therapy, or family therapy can be used.

With the help of appropriate psychotherapy, fears can be reduced. But ways of thinking and behaving can also be changed, and an existing pressure to perform can be increased. Treatment with medication is usually used when psychotherapeutic therapy has not been successful. So-called serotonin reuptake inhibitors are often used, which can delay the orgasm reflex. Creams and gels are also used to reduce the sensitivity of the penis.

Although the symptoms can be eliminated with medication, the causes remain. In addition, special methods have been developed that can help affected men to cope with the problem. This includes, for example, the so-called stop-start method, in which those affected learn to control their arousal and thus prevent premature ejaculation. A continuation of this method is the squeeze method, in which pressure on the penis interrupts the ejaculation reflex.


Since premature ejaculation is an orgasmic disorder, there are no direct measures to prevent the symptom from occurring. Through various therapies or methods, however, it is possible for those affected to better perceive their own excitability and thus prevent premature ejaculation. In addition, it is important to counteract sexual pressure to perform, as this can be a triggering factor for premature ejaculation.


Like many other erectile dysfunctions, premature ejaculation can be treated. Follow-up care takes place immediately after the treatment. In most cases, follow-up care consists of a medical history and a physical examination. As part of the patient consultation, the patient is advised on how to deal with the potency problems.

The urologist is usually responsible, who also asks about unusual symptoms in the anamnesis in order to be able to treat the premature ejaculation effectively. If the symptoms persist, long-term treatment takes place. The ongoing follow-up care is tailored to the needs of the patient and usually takes place in cooperation with the family doctor or another specialist who keeps an eye on the medical history.

It continues until the erectile dysfunction has been resolved or the patient wishes to stop treatment. In general, however, aftercare depends on the cause of the erectile dysfunction. If, for example, a tumor is the cause, the follow-up care is much more complex. In the case of psychological causes, a therapist is usually also involved in the treatment. Follow-up care then takes place promptly after the end of the treatment and must be continued over a longer period of time.

You can do that yourself

Men who ejaculate prematurely can take several measures to delay ejaculation. Training the pelvic muscles, for example using the Kegel method, is effective. Here the sphincter and pelvic floor are trained, which means that the ejaculation can be better controlled. The start-stop method has also proven its worth. The penis is regulated until just before the so-called “point of no return” and then the stimulation is stopped. Targeted stimulation improves control over ejaculation. In addition, sexual tension can be reduced in this way.

The so-called squeeze grip can be used shortly before ejaculation. Here, the thumb is pressed on the glans until the pressure is relieved. The emergency method is particularly useful when premature ejaculation is unexpectedly imminent. The doctor can also prescribe numbing creams that make the penis insensitive to stimuli. Condoms with the appropriate active ingredients are now also available.

Communication with your partner is just as important to achieve a fulfilling love life. When you practice with your partner, you can train the timing of the ejaculation. If the symptoms persist, a visit to the urologist or a sexologist is recommended. Occasionally, premature ejaculation is also based on mental illnesses that need to be dealt with.

Premature Ejaculation