Prada Is Attached to Versace: Vetan Models Zero Size of Their Collections

Three big names in the fashion industry have joined forces to try to change the image of ultra-thin women starting with gateways: Prada, Versace and Armani. It is well known, the problems of anorexia and bulimia have already caused recently the death of two models and aware of it firms have made an agreement.

The Italian haute couture houses have joined the Government of their country by setting new rules that will begin to be in force before the Milan fashion week for next February. Milan is next to Paris and New York one of the most important events within the fashion industry. So far, as well as the other two had resisted the demands as to discourage women style size zero.

The National Chamber of Italian fashion, which represents the most important firms in the country, has changed mind after the death of Brazilian model Ana Carolina Reston and the Uruguayan Luisel Ramos.

It has imposed a time limit so January agreed new regulations go into effect just in time for the Milan fashion week. The Italian Youth, Giovanna Melandri, Minister emphasized how urgent the need that the fashion industry begin to perform these changes, since any country considered third world, if a person weighs less than 40 pounds are gives humanitarian aid.

The change is part of a growing global movement to fight against the ultra-thin image of the models and the influence it may have on young women. Cibeles established a minimum measurements of body mass belief that models such as Kate Moss or Naomi Campbell would not be able to reach. Brazil and Argentina have already joined the fight.